According to the spiritual interpretation of ancient writings I have received having asked God for His spiritual truths to be revealed... Almighty God, Who is spirit, revealed Himself to Abraham... and told him, that all mankind would come to know the reality of God and come to know God as an active living, loving Presence in their lives and that all the families of the earth would be blessed through his seed... (a foreshadow). 

It seems to be Abraham was created to be the spiritual Father of all those who choose to worship God Almighty... in spirit and in truth, through one who would be his descendant. This descendant... this promised seed who is foreshadowed as the coming Messiah throughout Hebrew text... arrived in the person of Jesus Christ... who became the word of God... made flesh, as evidence of His covenant with man.

That there is one God, most... if not all religions seem to agree although mankind has not always agreed upon this in ancient days... nor have they always agreed upon his nature or name.... or who has a right to Jerusalem and all it stands for.

From what I have been enabled to observe... it seems to be... 3 major religions declare Abraham to be their spiritual Father... through the same covenant mentioned above. Many sects have evolved from these 3 major faiths... although they may have similar principles of faith... they do differ in their dogma... even so, all profess their origins of faith to originate through the covenant God made with Father Abraham... elaborated upon privately to his descendants as man has continued as a species... and God has continued to reveal Himself... and His will for humanity through the life of Jesus Christ and those who have sought Him. 

Father Abraham and his spiritual descendants have been traced back to Adam and Eve... who trace themselves back to God Almighty... who originally created man in His own image. These records are preserved in inspired writings all 3 religions acknowledge and respect and agree God predestined... and inspired, that we may come to know of His existence and care and our own roles in His covenant.

May I suggest.... Almighty God, our heavenly Father, originally created Jerusalem to be a symbolic place on earth, of that which is spiritually known as heavenly Jerusalem... in hopes of bringing us to an awareness of a higher truth... which is spiritually discerned. 

We have a promise of a new Jerusalem which is to come... this new Jerusalem is to be a spiritual city of peace and light and holiness... rooted in love... which is to be set on a hill for all to see the Glory... the Presence of God... as God establishes His Kingdom on earth... within each earthen vessel... as it already exists in the mind of God.... since the very foundations of the world. 

May I suggest, this new Jerusalem begins as an inner place of love and peace within the spirit of man, which is to be represented outwardly on earth as man becomes one with God and His will and thus enters into His sabbatical rest.... through God's completed work. A spiritual place in the mind of God where we can rest in His love for each of us... a place of peace, love and truth for all to come to with the same attitude of joy and goodness... a inner place where we can live in the Presence of God and worship Him in spirit and in truth. 

New Jerusalem: a city of peace... and truth... and love... and holiness... awaiting those who cry out for her release.... that she may descend as a bride adorned for her husband... by the spirit of God... so we may come, as one body of people, to worship God in spirit and in truth and having done so, walk with our cup running over... soaking, saturating the new earth... as new vessels... with all that is His love and peace and truth.... and Holiness.


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