Please Join in Praise and Worship

... as we enter into the New Year may we bless You Father, as members of the family of God, brought together through Your Spirit of Unity. that we can hear Your voice with ever present clarity. Thank You we can choose to listen and thus hear.  Bless You we can relate through having had similar experiences and we can rejoice together with a heart full of peace and joy and faith in You and Who You are revealing YourSelf to be... 

Bless You for revealing YourSelf to us.... For sending Jesus in Your name with Your gospel... and for revealing it to us through the power of the Holy Spirit which was poured out on all flesh.  Bless You... through the birth of Your Spirit within our hearts, we are drawn to You to experience the spiritual reality of Who You are ... Who Jesus is.... Who we are dead in Christ... and alive in Christ, as we experience Your Gospel as the truth it is.  Bless You we can rejoice together with such awareness .... may we do so often.

Bless You for revealing You are all knowing, nothing takes You by surprise ... may we rejoice together in the knowing at the foundations of the world, when You conceived us... You had a plan, and it will come to pass. We rejoice with You in it, having become aware it is for good and not evil.  Thank You, Your Saints are living it out through an intimate relationship with You.... in days of old... and in days to come, as we are brought to maturity by Your Spirit.  Thank You for drawing us together by Your Spirit.... each experiencing a unique, yet common to the brethren, relationship with You which leads us to maturity, according to the aspect of the Body of Christ we were created to Be.  Even today, the earth continues to groan and travail for the manifestation of Your mature sons and daughters .... You have promised such shall be fulfilled in due season and we rejoice with YOU as such unfolds before our eyes and in our lives and the lives of those we stand in faith for... rejoicing in Your plan with You. We are grateful for all You've done and are yet to do in and through us ... may we rejoice together with testimonies of the power of Your transforming love and truth.  May we serve You with such.... honoring You with our words and actions of faith.

Even now... as I worship You ... Your Holy Spirit is bringing to remembrance the time before I was born of Your Spirit and what has transpired since and I marvel with a great joy as to what has taken place, perhaps others are remembering as well and can relate as we praise You with a heart aware of Your grace and greatness, Your divine intervention in our lives  ... May the Saints rejoice with me as I remember, perhaps as others will, of Your wooing power and that which took place as Your Holy Spirit overcame me/us.  I remember trying to be good in my own strength... having heard Your laws and failing.  I saw how imperfect we are.... in grief, I cried out to You for Your power to overcome sin.... having heard such was possible through receiving the power of the Holy Spirit within with a repentant, surrendered heart.  Initially I did not want to die in sin... not because I loved or understood Your law as expressed through the Old Testament and New.... but because I feared hell and separation from Your love/mercy.  I cried out not only for myself... but for all who were caught in Satan's clutches, in the power of sin and it's consequences. I knew about You and Your  Gospel message, as presented through our sweet Lord .... but I did not as yet, know You intimately, nor had I experienced the power of Your Gospel fulfilled through Jesus as my reality. I heard our sin nature and the sufferings in our lives grieved You... and that both saddened  and delighted my heart.  I saw You as our dad... Who wanted Your best for us. It saddened me to think of how many of us avoided You out of fear or a hard heart, or through the power of sin and death.  As I opened myself to Your truth... You gave me a desire to please you, and I wanted to be obedient, thus expressing love/gratitude in return. I was grateful for having been brought to this place and desired the fulfillment of Your plan for all of Your creation. You had given me a desire to do what was right... and the power to surrender and draw upon You causing me to walk in Your righteousness and not my own... giving me an understanding this truth is for all Saints... Bless You for this! Thank You for bringing me/us to the place where we/I did not want to hurt You by sinning against You. Through our intimate relationship with YOU, we desire to be free of our desire to sin and feelings of condemnation ... Bless You for this. I wanted to be free from the fear of hell and death... I wanted to know You and Your truth and to live it according to Your plan for my life ... Many I discovered later... had been on a similar desire/journey of faith... as YOU had touched them, even as You were touching my heart... then You gathered us together that we might share in our joy before You together. Thank You for the times You have made our hearts ONE in Praise as we have worshipped You together.  Bless You for crossing our paths and bringing us together through Your Spirit of Unity.... even now!

When You brought me into Your Presence through the new birth experience... as I surrendered my all to You for Your truth and will... You caused me to experience Your unconditional love... and I loved You in return with a love which has grown through Your Presence in my life ... in the life of the Saints... Bless You,  for causing us to be who You see us to be through Christ... our Lord.  It blesses me so to meet and worship with others of a like mind/spirit and love .... A love we desire to express and speak of to all who come across our path, that they too may know YOU and such a love... and rejoice with us in adoration.  Bless You for revealing to us and for giving us the experiential understanding, we can never earn Your love, nor can we destroy it. We need not fear hell and death. You have a place prepared for us already, a place with You of Your design, we can only imagine... until it becomes our reality. Like others born of Your Spirit, I too became aware I am a sinner saved by grace.... who became a saint and was brought into Your Presence, Jesus being the author and finisher of our faith, and for such we praise You.  Thank You for causing me/the Saints to see ourselves die with Christ to be raised with Him anew, even as He overcame and was raised by Your redemptive power, fulfilling Your plan.  Thank You for revealing He died as us... we were raised as/in Him since the foundations of the world.... thus when we read in scripture, we are hid in Christ through You, we understand, with the power of the resurrected Christ living in us, our sin nature has been overcome... Bless You for revealing to us with the new heart You were gave us, we  no longer desire sin against you and daily we learn to walk free of it with an awareness of the reality of You in our life/heart... through the new birth experience.  Bless YOU!  Thank You I have met other saints with the same awareness/reality ... May we rejoice with YOU in that knowing and more ... in all YOU have done, and are yet to do with ever increasing love and joy.. 

Bless You for giving us the understanding, as we grow, being born of Your Spirit as a babe with a holy heart... we are  being raised by You to become who we are to be as Your inheritance/child. Bless You for revealing You are bringing to death our old ways of being and thinking, renewing the Spirit of our mind with Your words made alive within our renewed/restored spirit. Our old nature wrestles against Yours, having become weak, as Your Spirit in us matures us through Your Presence in our lives and heart. Bless You!  Thank You through the new birth experience... we are fully equipped to become Who You created us to Be.  Bless You we have the Holy Spirit alive within guiding us and teaching us Your truth as we daily seek to align our wills with Yours. Bless You for the  Holy Spirit comforting us. and that we can comfort through HIS power within with testimonies You give us, glorifying YOUR and Your plan and Your son for having surrendered HIS all to YOU...  Thank You for regenerating us daily through our intimate relationship with You and Your son... as HIS body/bride.... a spiritual relationship You ordained and bring into Being according to Your unfolding plan, our having surrendered to it with our entire being. Thank You for empowering us to do so... and for all those who will come to know they too are Saints through Christ, our Lord and Savior. Bless You, we can rejoice even though this journey has not been an easy one... after we overcome through Christ rising up within, it brings MUCH joy ... may we speak of His life within and the joy it brings and of such joy often, one to another! Bless You for giving us hearts of joy.

Bless You for making us aware... as we grow, we go through different stages of developmental maturity and understanding... some we meet are at our stage.... other's are behind or ahead... Bless You we need not compare ourselves one with another... Your having given us an understanding, You are in control... and all is well with our soul... and will be well with the soul of other redeemed Saints.  Thank You, when Saints gather together in Your name, we each present an aspect of Your truth/Christ ... it seems to be the time has come for mature sons and daughters to be manifested... the time has come for Saints to walk in Your Spirit of unity... with the fruits of Your spirit manifested to those still in darkness... those yet to be born of Your Holy Spirit awakened within .... Bless YOU... the time has come for Saints to walk in Spirit and truth...  The time has come for Saints to walk in the power of Your love that all to see and know it... The time has come for Saints to extended the grace they have lived to others by faith .... through Your grace being manifested through them.  We rejoice with YOU, the time has come for Your Kingdom to be manifested on earth.... as it is in heaven.  The time has come for Saints to live in Your Holy, Righteous, Kingdom of Peace ... our having learned to seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness with the knowing You provide what we need daily ... because of Your great love for us... Thank You for such as this and more as we walk together in Your light, during the tumultuous days to come upon the earth. 

Bless You for revealing it is YOU who brings us as an infant into Your City of Truth through the new birth experience, Jesus being both the initiator and completer of our faith. It is You who gives us contentment and a peace which surpasses all understanding and keeps us, presenting us spotless before Your throne of grace ... and it is You who overcome sin for/through us... Your family, Saints through Christ  ... through Your abiding Presence and the power of Your revealed word... as our present reality. 

Bless You for imparting to us a hate of that which You hate... and a love for that which You love... during the time we spend with You being transformed into the image of Your Son, through the New Covenant. Thank You for causing us to become one with You in Spirit and truth ... for giving us Your desires, and Your compassion. For Being encouragement, love, peace and all that is Your light through us and to us through another... for allowing Your light to shine forth into darkness, that the seed of life in those yet dead or unaware..... may awaken and come to know You and Your eternal plan of mercy, grace and reconciliation through unconditional love.

Bless You for the assurance, as we struggle, within these vessels of flesh, overcoming and leaving behind what once was .... we can come to You for Your overcoming power... and a knowing our will is being conformed to Yours... Bless You the Spirit of our mind is being renewed and restored through the power of Your Holy Spirit and revealed word abiding within.  Bless You for the assurance Your Holy Spirit will continue to reveal Your truth.... with power.

Bless You and thank You for that which is to yet to be and the ever abiding assurance... You are resting in Your finished work for Your Saints ... and will bring it to pass ... as You bid us come enter into Your rest with You.  Thanks You for such as this and more...... may we ever rejoice together in Spirit and Truth... as we stand with the Faith You have given us... the knowing You  birth... in 2009 and beyond.... Bless You for the assurance Your glory will be known... as YOU reveal it with the power of YOUR love, truth and.........