Father God... Lord Jesus Christ... as a living intercessor... through the Holy Spirit within me ... and the body of Christ ... allowing the victory of Christ within us as the body of Christ ... to flow forth in the spirit... i stand as One... united with Your heart through my own repentance... as well as united with the repentance of those who have answered Your call as the family of God... those who have become the body of Christ.  We stand as one in Christ... strong before You united... by Your power... Your love... Your forgiveness.... Your transformation... Your life... mind and power within.... bringing the manifestation of Your Kingdom on the earth.
We stand united in Your completed work through praise with love in our hearts ... in the Heavenlies and on earth ... according to Your power and eternal plan... as One's chosen of You for this end time task.  We call back and renounce every word which we have spoken which was contrary to Your will... and count it as dead at Calvary.  We thank You the enemy of our souls... Your enemies... were bound by You and are awaiting destruction and there they remain, until You unleash them for Your purpose... may we never again loose on earth that which You have bound in heaven. 
We thank You dad... You are in absolute control... of our lives through our having surrendered our will to You ... and we have nothing to fear and much to receive.... and impart through the power of Your Spirit within each of us.  Bless You sweet Jesus for uniting us as the body of Christ with Your power... Your righteousness, Your love which comes from our father ... which causes us to walk in the Spirit through Your peace... in YOUR light... as Your light... in the world... for those who are seeking truth and a right standing... peace within... and with our heavenly father. 
Bless You that You dad...  are networking and building bridges through Your ordained moments each and every day... and that Your Kingdom is coming on the earth... as darkness is revealed ... exposed... so only Your Kingdom of light remains.  May we as the body of Christ only speaks words which birth forth Your life.. Your love... Your will for man.  We receive Your will... with joy unspeakable... deep within our souls... through the life... and name of Jesus... Who, as the One sent by You... imparts all Your name brings as a gift of love from You. 
Blessing to You our wonderful... faithful father... for all of eternity ...  sweet kisses from us to You. 


If you are being persecuted for trusting the Lord Jesus with your entire lives... then i want to encourage you to continue to trust Him as you  'Seek first the Kingdom of God... and His Righteousness."; which i am sure, having been made aware... you are daily attempting to do.  

I desire greatly to thank all of those who seek to intercede for the family of God for interceding for us .... may you be ever blessed with the blessings of dad's Kingdom through doing so.

I greatly desire to thank those who seek prayer from the family of God... for asking us to pray for you... and for trusting us with private information when we ask you how you are doing ... Lord continue to bring to death any part of our old nature in those of us who are called to intercede... who would want to hear through a spirit of gossip or through being a busy body or having a judgmental spirit.  

Bless God and you for the honor you bestow upon us through asking... and which we receive... as we intercessors go to dad in your... the Kingdom of God's behalf... and as we are given the opportunity to hear from Him... His heart of the matter... what our and your part is, according to His eternal plan.

Whether we choose to obey that which we receive as our part, or not... either blesses or hurts us... and ultimately the Kingdom of God.  For those of us who have not been obedient... as a part of the body of Christ may i ask you family and our father to forgive us. Lord Jesus... empower us with ears to hear and a heart to obey after loosing the Holy Spirit's conviction upon us where we have not obeyed... whether it was because we were not sure if what we heard was Your voice... or if we simply refused to do so... because we were powerless to do otherwise... or for whatever reason.  May we forgive and love ourselves and others unconditionally as we receive Your forgiveness ... compassion ... and unconditional love.  

For those of us who have judged the body of Christ falsely in any way... please forgive us. Lord Jesus...  dad... please heal the wounds which have been inflicted within our hearts by those of us who have persecuted any one ... knowingly or unaware.... in our thoughts or through our deeds.  Restore to them that which was momentarily lost.
When You have been attempting to speak to them... us... and they... we... have been unable to hear... or understand... thank You for the fire... which removes all which would seek to hinder the growth of Your Spirit within us. May we experience Your baptism of fire as the blessing in our life that it truly is. 
In such cases i believe You Holy Spirit within... have told me to stand against fear, lies, confusion and tormenting thoughts for those who are struggling with faith, in their present circumstances ... and to stand in the gap united as the body of Christ ... extending the faith dad has given me and others ... as One ... as one who knows experientially... according to Your grace in our lives... dad provides... according to HIS eternal plan... and His timing... enabling Us to learn valuable lessons as dad continually reveals and brings to death our flesh nature... and conforms Us into mature sons and daughters.... called to glorify and reveal His nature... mind and will through our individual lives.... as the body of Christ.... complete and whole in Your sight.  Bless You for this...
Dad... may Your family know with an abiding peace and Holy Spirit joy deep within,  that persecution for the Kingdom sake ... is a blessing for us to rejoice through... with our offering of praise and love returned with a grateful heart.  May the joy of the Holy Spirit fall on each of Your children father and abide... through Your having burned away the dross in the circumstances You have allowed through Your mercy and grace... as motivated by Your love for each of us.  
As i have been led to pray for one recently who asked many of us to pray ...  i have spoken with one sister in particular, one i trust as able to hear clearly from You ... and told her what i believed the the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that we needed to stand against for them and others who walk in similar shoes and she agreed... having heard the same. We have laid their burdens at Your feet.... as two in agreement... and stand beside them in the spirit... lifting holy hands with them ... receiving Your purposes for allowing  all of this in each of our lives.... as a part of the family of God.  As far as i know... there is no contention in our heart... when we speak of others concerns... nor is there malaise against our brothers and sisters... nor is the intent of our heart to persecute them.... or anyone.  But... You Lord do tell us... we don't always know our own hearts.... so i humbly ask You to forgive me... all of us ... if unknowingly... or knowingly any of us have unleashed any ungodly spirits against those who has asked us to pray for them... with our words or through ungodly... fleshly prayers.  May we intercessors ever be mindful of the power of our words... to bring life or death.... may we ever intercede having sought Your words ... alive from within.
I... along side of others... stand with those who have asked us to stand in the gap... before You father... with a heart of faith... filled with thanksgiving and grace... that we can stand with them... knowing with absolute faith that Your will, will be accomplished in their behalf.  Thank You for such a gift as this.
May we ever look first to You dad before we turn to the family of God ... when we have a need of any kind ... as we allow Your Spirit to fill it ... with peace and contentment and joy in our hearts, having received an awareness that Your will for our life and those we carry to You in prayer... is unfolding according to Your divine eternal plan for man... and the Kingdom of God.... as it comes on earth, as it is already established in heaven.... even when we don't have a full revelation regarding the present circumstances.  

May patience have her perfect work within each of us.... revealing the work of You... dad.... Lord Jesus... Holy Spirit within... in each of our lives as the body of Christ... united through love and faith ... initiated and perfected by You Father God. 

As the family of God... the body of Christ... we receive and acknowledge Your perfect work by faith... as initiated and birthed through Your love and Your eternal power.  May You ever be honored through Your Own!


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