Today... I was led to look for one of my Journal of Meditations Books. I have meditated with my fingertips over the years... putting thoughts I receive on paper... during moments of reflection through spiritual communion with the Spirit of the Lord (one form of prayer in my life).  I am impressed to publish this meditation.  It begins with words from the Spirit of the God to me. May that which is His truth touch you deep within and impart that which the Spirit of the Lord deems to be in your life:

"If one refuses to know and be known... to love and be loved... flaws and all... with unconditional love, do you honestly believe you can receive, experience the fullness of life... of My love ...  with such a heart and mind, can one deeply believe you are destined to fully love, and be loved as you would be loved? Can one be known... and know fully? Can one receive forgiveness when it is offered? Can one forgive... as one would be forgiven ... as you are forgiven.. as one needs to be forgiven?

If one resists experiencing life without fears ... can you find lasting inner peace and joy?  Have I not given you a sound mind... through the impartation of the mind of Christ? Fear is to be overcome ... are you not an over comer through your union with Christ? Can you not trust My voice heard deep within... which urges you ... Face fear, fear it not... and you will find truly you have nothing to fear, for all ultimately works out for the good. Have I not pronounced My creation to be good? Have I not urged you, through My redemptive plan to .... partake of the tree of life through Christ and not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Have I not offered you My Sword of Truth... the Sword of My Spirit through which you can stand victorious .... which speaks of My goodness... My wisdom... My truth.... all the good which comes through our union ... to one who is My offspring?

To experience life fully ... and love one's life as the gift it is... is to know Me intimately ... it to know and be known... is to find inner peace and joy... with a heart motivated with My goodness, eternal love, wisdom and truth."

Spirit of the living God... such ... is the truth I have experienced through my spiritual journey with You... a spiritual journey of faith You began... and have promised to bring to fruition.

Is this my truth, based upon my reality or a universal truth offered to all?

It seems to be I have received an intimate relationship with You and I am not alone in this intimate journey of faith.

You manifest Your Essence... Your Being ness... Your Goodness... Your Faithfulness... Your Truths... Your Promises ... which continue to be revealed... to me as well as others I have met along the way.

The way.... the spiritual road one travels.... one's way of being which continues to be made known... and enables one to know... that one knows.  That enables one to know... without shame and condemnation as one goes through their transformation process.

'Jesus is the way' ... through the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ I have begun this spiritual journey of faith... and it seems to be with, in and through the Spirit of Jesus... I continue on...

Thank You for loving us... for being who You are... and for empowering us to choose love... to choose to cherish the gift of life everlasting... and to live life with an ever increasing abundance of awareness, through our union with You.


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