By way of Introduction:  It seems to be... God revealed HimSelf to me through Jesus Christ.  His Father's heart of love touched my heart and changed it... changing my mind and attitude along the way ... the way He has chosen for me, having given me a 'new life'... a born again experience... an spiritual awakening... through a regeneration process.  

He made HimSelf known.... having ordained it from the foundations of the world ... revealing part of His unfolding plan for His creation.  

I have been in continual communication with His Spirit since 1978. I have been learning. 

I have matured.  Time has its benefits... 

I am very grateful for this journey in time I have been given.  It has given me a loving relationship with My creator and made me who I am through our life together.  It has given me the opportunity to hear His voice at any given moment and to co-create with Him, as His heir ... I am a joint heir with Jesus ... through the power of His Holy Spirit within.

I am an eternal Spiritual Being through Jesus Christ; one who is aware I am having a journey in time and eternity. My Spirit will not die. Like my elder brother Jesus, I am One who is both Human and Divine.  I am an eternal child of the Divine... confirming His words, 'you are little gods'. 

Father God said to me once, 'Your journey is time determines who you will be eternally. Choose wisely'.

What we co-create is determined by our choices.  We are free will beings.  Father will not go against our will.... and will allow us to reap what we sow. May we evermore sow to the Spirit with an awareness this is how we learn ... this is how we come into perfection ... how we 'co-create' in spirit and in truth. 

Know, Father's heart towards us is loving.  Yes, He hates sin... and suffering, but understands the need for it... for contrast, for choices.  He knows there is order showing itself, out of what appears to us as chaos... He created both good and evil and promises all will work out for the good in the end....  reminding us, this life time is a vapor compared to eternity.  He reveals such to us unfolding, as we are open to hear and follow His sovereign will.  

Remember His first words to us in Genesis... His revelation of HimSelf, of His creation, to/through men of His choosing:  'My creation is good.'

I sense His Voice and an urge to write: 'Out of darkness and void... I brought forth light and life.  I spoke it into being... through the power of words....  so you could hear them within your mind.  So your soul could witness to My truth.  So your spirit could freely choose.

I am the Spirit of Love and truth. I reveal My truth to those who seek it.  I reveal MySelf to those who seek Me with a pure heart. I give wisdom to those who ask. I bless the just and unjust... and equip you to be a blessing of love in return, through an awareness of our union.

I am the Father of love.  I love... unconditionally.  Love is eternal.  Outside of the spirit of love...  there is pain and sorrow, nothing is profitable.  Come to Me for love.... harvest My love... sow My seeds of love with Me.  Through love... I offer life, and it more abundantly to all of My creation.

The Spirit of My family will be known by My love.  They will come in Spirit and in truth.

They will be known by their message of truth and love ... their having examined My revealed truth, with Me, for themselves.  They will be patient, kind and of a generous heart. They will be forgiving and faithful. Rudeness and a mean spirit will be foreign to the goodness of their nature.  They will not be quick-tempered, having self control and will confidently stand for My truth with a pure heart and sound mind. They are not be easily offended and have no need of arrogance or self centeredness. Through the restoration of their soul, they are of a humble mind. They see good and have found happiness within. They will rejoice with you in your blessings and weep with you in your sorrow.  They will encourage and help you carry your burdens as you persevere. They will graciously set aside their own desire for what will be best for the whole. They rejoice with the truth, having no delight in evil.  They use compassionate wisdom, understanding the need for justice ... desiring it be extended with My mercy and grace. They have a gentle and quiet spirit and are peaceful and trusting by nature.  They walk in my healing power, revelation knowledge and truth, through their union with Me. They will be full of faith, hope.... and most of all My love.'    


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