"Who am I? Why do I do what I do? Why do I think what I think? What do I
believe? What about others? Why do we suffer? Can any good come of it?"

In my desire to comfort, and pray for each of us... during this season of
changes world wide, may I suggest with a compassionate heart...

we need the existence of both good or evil
to bring into Being good on a level man has not yet experienced...
and all of the corruption which is being exposed worldwide, as well as the compassion of other Nations

 is part of the unfolding of a Divine Eternal plan for man, which desires to being about the best for us.

A Sacrificial plan which will develop the fruit of Gods Spirit within each of us;

giving us the opportunity to ultimately become who our Creator designed of to Be as His Offspring;

our Creator having giving each of us free will to choose good over evil.

May I suggest, a blessing can be a curse and a curse can be a blessing...
according to God's eternal plan for His creation, HE promising to work it all
out for the good for those who hear and listen, according to the
understanding I have been given of the teachings of Jesus Christ, Who tells
us not to fear, not to hate, LOVE as we would be loved!

According to the understanding I have been given of Hebrew Scripture... In
the beginning, God looked at HIS creation and proclaimed it to be good! God
cannot lie... For HE is the Spirit... the Essence of Truth and genuine Love,
and HE lives in and through HIS creation..... desiring what is best for all
concerned... NOTHING exists without HIM... all was created for HIM...

HE desires to make Himself known,

through bringing order into chaos,

bringing light into darkness,

replacing hate with love,

replacing corruption with incorruption,

replacing mortality, with immortality..

According to the teachings of Jesus Christ... God is the Spirit of
unconditional Love... His Love is eternal... His Love is nothing like we
imagine it to be... yet... it IS.... and it is far greater than we imagine
it to Be through our finite perspectives...

we are to love, as we would be loved...

as we embrace love with HIM...

through unity ... the union of our Spirits.

There is a depth of love we all strive for... and some of us experience.
Often, we only realize how much we love, or are loved, when we have lost...
or gained... through the loss... let those who have spiritual ears to hear,

May I suggest, mankind is a family. We are all a part of God... who is love
incarnate... GOD LOVES ALL OF US and desires to love through us.
Ultimately, we having NOTHING to fear as we resist evil and draw near to God,
Who is the essence of Love and Truth. Each of us can take comfort in
this... and we each have this hope according to the teachings of Jesus
Christ.... Who introduced God to us as 'OUR' Father... through and awareness
of the indwelling of His Spirit within, having awakened our Soul to this
revelation.... Through which we 'know that we know.' and are known.

Like any healthy parent, our Creator is aware, each of His offspring is
unique... and each has it's own personality, which is an off shoot of His own.
That each of His creation, is an extension of Himself... and that each child
reflects an aspect of Him back. A healthy parent, loves... and accepts,
 strives to be better themselves, as they grow and evolve... choosing
to encourage their offspring in the process. "If we, being of a limited
nature through confinement within an earthen vessel... want what is best for our
own... how much more would God... 'OUR Father', desire for each of HIS?"

May I suggest, God, 'Our Father', has continually reached out to us, as
mankind has exponentially evolved in spiritual understanding and wisdom...
and as we have grown in love and trust... having been awakened to His
existence, one person at a time, from one generation to the next... each
learning to seek and listen to HIM anew, daily.... encouraging others to do the same.

May I suggest... some of us are listening, united as a family and are
responding accordingly... and love and faith will over come this present
attack of fear and hate in due season. May I suggest, we choose to unite in this great
truth... coming into agreement with the teachings of Jesus Christ... and the
promises God gave to Eve and Abraham's descendants, culminated with the New Covenant

 according to Hebrew Scriptures and the Teachings Of Jesus Christ.

As a member of this great family may I suggest, we consider asking ourselves...

"What choices are we making?

What am I doing with my time?


Have we considered another's perspective?

Have we listened to and considered all sides?

Are we aware we each see from a unique perspective and no one has all the answers?

We each only have a portion to feed the other, and we need each other... for
contrast, to help us make healthy choices that life might be sustained, for
the well being of all?"

As a species we are pairs of opposites... both male and female. May I
suggest, both must be honored... for the sake of love... and truth and for
righteousness sake... and in honoring both the male and female in one
another, we become whole, having received a greater understanding of God in
His vast essence revealed in another.

According to Hebrew Scriptures we are a reflection of God... God.... Being
both a Father God of Justice and Truth and a Mother God of Mercy and
Forgiveness... God... the many breasted One. God who is the Spirit of Love.

May I suggest, IF we refuse to seek Justice and Truth... we deny the
Holiness, the Sovereignty of God. IF we refuse to offer Mercy and
Forgiveness, we reject Unconditional Love and Other.... offering death rather
than life. To walk in Wisdom and Spiritual maturity, is to consider both...
and to honor 'Our Father' and Our Brethren.  In loving other... we love 'Our Father'... and
bring blessing and dignity to His name and His Own.

According the Hebrew scriptures... Man, who was created to reflect God, was
put to sleep, One man... became two personalities...

individual Souls

a male and a female... both reflecting an aspect and Sovereignty of God...

God having declared it is not good for man to be alone.

May I suggest, to see the male as superior to a woman is to deny a woman
her true role as a companion... a helpmate...

as one who completes the other...

as one who came from the other... and compliments and supports them through their existence. 

A woman receives the seed of life from a man...

Man receives life through a woman...

Let him who has spiritual ears listen.

May I suggest, to deem men superior, is to deny the wisdom of God...

is to deny the absolute mercy of God...

it is to deny the redemption of God... it is to deny the forgiveness of God....

it is to deny hope for both men and women and their descendants.

It is to deny the Hope which was promised to Eve and her descendants.

Hope which was affirmed to Abraham and his descendants.

Hope which is manifested through the life and promises of Jesus Christ...

and all of those who are aware His Essence completes and fulfills them giving them Life

in abundance.

According to Hebrew Scriptures... the woman was deceived... she looked
through the eyes of limited understanding.

The man knew... and took... and ate, choosing his own will rather than Gods.

When the heart of a man rejected the heart of God...and blamed other....

he and his became a lost Soul.

When woman owned their sin, she and their descendants were promised redemption...

which would come through the seed of God dwelling within man once again...

a seed which would over come evil...

to be manifested first, in the life of Jesus Christ...

the foretold Messiah of the Hebrew people... and those to Whom He would reveal Himself.

That which God has promised was fulfilled and is coming into Being that we
might each discern good from evil... through the power of His awakening us
from within through acts of men, such as those of 9/11,

giving us another chance, as each new day dawns.

Yes... in her sorrow, God promised Eve that through one of their descendants, all of
mankind would come to know of GOD and HIS unconditional love for them....
that a new man was coming. One who would birth forth spiritual sons and
daughters who would walk with God without fear and shame.... new creations,
Holy like their Father... according to God's eternal plan.

May I suggest, men and woman who walk in the awareness

of their role as descendants of Eve...

as descendants of Jesus Christ...

can hear the heart of God... HE having revealed it to them.

Each has a message HE desires to share through them...

 their portion must be considered,

through the enlightenment and revelation of God,

by all who care... and desire HIS will for HIS creation.

May I suggest, if what I speak is true... God HIMSELF will confirm it with
signs which will follow like Dominoes falling, exposing corruption

offering opportunities which convict us of the goodness of His will as each new day dawns.

From what I have come to understand, in ancient days... God was seen
predominately as a Patriarchal God... Father God... our Teacher... our Law
Giver... and Sustainer, our Wisdom, a God of war, over coming evil intents.... through His
offspring... those who call themselves by HIS name... and walk according to
HIS statues and HIS grace.

I have come to understand, through out all Cultures there is an underlying
theme of overcoming evil through good... of life after this life... Of
overcoming an evil which, it has been suggested, came through the Soul of a man and
woman becoming separate from the Spirit of their Creator, all which is good...

Separated in their thinking and their ways of being.
Man and woman... Who determined they could be wise enough to judge
both good and evil according to their own understanding... Each going their
own way, doing what is right in their own eyes, refusing to listen to the
heart of their Maker, thus becoming the cause of their own suffering and those yet to be.

According to the teachings about Jesus Christ, truth, and the goodness of God
is revealed, when man becomes one in their thinking with God once again...
having had the Spirit of their mind renewed, through the teachings of Jesus Christ...
through a quickening of HIS life from within;  through a death to that which separates.

May I suggest, it is then, we as a people, come to understand, we are called as His Spiritual bride...

through an intimate union...

He being the head... we being His body...

a mystery revealed...

a metaphor of our union with the will of God, meant to birth forth spiritual sons and daughters.

Father's loving Spiritual Offspring ... His Inheritance through the New Covenant

Let him who has spiritual ears to hear, listen.

When the male and the female become one on multiple levels... their union
often brings forth children. When two minds meet... listen and consider...
choosing to see from the others perspective... and to join themselves... even
if they only agree to disagree at first, may I suggest, after having done
so... a new person is born. Someone of a greater understanding, a higher
consciousness, walks away... with this new thought process which has

Our minds having been renewed, changes us... renews our
thinking... changes our attitudes... and our outward behavior changes as a
manifestation of our internal change.

Each day we are given a new beginning as a gift..... without condemnation. 

May I suggest, upon awakening to new truths... a higher consciousness...

we can choose to form new habits to agree with our new understanding.

We can choose to change
our course influencing the course of others ultimately.

Moment by moment,
as we surrender to new possibilities... and let go of fears... embracing faith,
rooted in love change takes place.

Through doing so, we grow, as a family, in a new direction by our choices,
which are based upon the experiences we have had... because we opened our
minds to the possibility of truth in a greater light than we had once
supposed, and we reached out to Our Creator for His will to be accomplished.
We Surrender, acknowledging His Sovereignty and Holiness through doing so.

As we walk forward in the present moment we finds ourselves in the History of Man...

as the family of God...

May I suggest, we will discover others of a like mind along the way, encouraging
us onward.... and the light beneath our feet will grow brighter as each new
day dawns.

My prayer for each of us is that we may all walk in love... walk in truth...
walk in HIS Spirit, walk in faith, rooted in love, as we respond to God...
and enter into HIS rest for each of our souls through His Holiness.


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