May those who have ascended out of darkness give a helping hand to those who are Prisoners in the World of Shadow's in 2012 and beyond, with no concern as to whether each be worthy or not. May love rule our hearts and wisdom our understanding. May ALL become aware we are all one Family and in need one of another as we grow and become the best we can become who we were created to Be as a Child of God and the Spiritual Body and Bride of Christ.

As I sought the mind of the Lord for a fresh word for 2012 and beyond Prophetically, I received the following: 

I am seeing a Spiritual Revolution that brings about Freedom and I am seeing the word TRUTH magnified, in my Spirit and am excited to see what the Lord opens up in our behalf in 2012 and beyond. Those who are free, are free indeed!
His Spirit of Truth will be seen everywhere releasing us from lies and illusions.  A Spiritual Revolution will continue to take place to bring HIS will into being, as HE continues His work of bringing about a Spiritual Renaissance, the like of which man has not experienced since Christ and the Early Church walked upon the earth, as Babes in Christ. This Revolution will cause mature Sons and Daughters of the Most High to be manifested (via the overcoming presence of Christ within) and bring about the glory rightfully due HIM ... HIS Inheritance. It will not be by our might, or will or power but through HIS will having become our own. HE will bring it to pass... His Own will walk in humility and truth, having experienced how powerless and deceived we are unless we are hid in Christ through Father.

Thank You Lord for setting us free in the Spirit and in Truth. Looking forward to the continuing Restoration that such Spiritual Freedom through Your Truth brings! Bless You for the Prophetic Promises of a Spiritual Renaissance and the knowing You are bringing about the perfect circumstances to being it into being.  Bless You for this and more....
SUGGEST: 'A Animated Parable of Plato's Cave':


As I was preparing our NEW YEAR 2012 Celebration Dinner for slow cooking in the Oven this morning, I heard a tune rising from within. Gradually words began to come. In the beginning I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking, "Through the Breath of God you are going. Through the Breath of God you stay. Through the Breath of you are going. You are dawning at the break of day." This went on for a while. After listening for a bit longer, I began to sing, as I did so I found myself responding in agreement with a second verse as well, "Through the Breath of God I am going. Through the Breath of God I stay. Through the Breath of God WE are going. WE are dawning at the Break of Day."

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