Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind. Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy does not always come into being immediately and in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate....

A Prophetic Dream for 2004 and Beyond

During Thanksgiving of 2004 I was given a dream ... I sense it is prophetic.... and others have suggested the same... after hearing of the dream, without my adding my own sense of what the Spirit of the Lord spoke into my being, (which is added here).

The part that stood out to me and did not leave my mind all day, is where, as an observer in the dream, I looked up into the sky and became aware it was raining myriads of fish.

These fish were unusual.... in that they were all transparent... like a bubble.... yet they were solid. They seemed to be clean, pure ... in that they were so clear and detailed. I remember reaching out and gently taking one into my hand to examine it before releasing it into the clear water below... which I soon recognized a part of me was in.

Upon awakening... I sensed my role in the dream of an observer... within these living waters... represented those who are called to stand for God's will... as end time intercessors.... and it is their times with HIM which had birthed this early and later rain together, which may I suggest, has arrived... or will shortly... as 2005 unfolds.

The fish which were pouring from the sky were bigger than a large goldfish... but smaller than a fish one would eat .... after the dream, as I sought the Spirit of the Lord for the interpretation, I sensed they represent those who had been birthed by the Spirit of the Lord... and those who are being ... and would soon be... as the year 2005 and beyond unfolded.

I sensed these fish were all fairly uniform ... but don't know this to be a fact.... upon awakening, I sensed their uniformity... represented Father God's perspective of who we all are through the Spirit of Christ, when we become born again.... none was greater than another.

The fish I took out of the air, felt very soft... almost like it was made of a solid clear gel... yet the fins and scales were very evident and very much in detail. The fish in my hand, an example of all of the fish... was wet in and of itself ... and had bubbles coming out of it's mouth as it looked back at me... it was alive.... breathing and very aware... and moist enough that it could live in the air as it descended, as well as in the waters below, which was it's present destination. The wetness and bubbles seemed to be the anointing of God which would be made manifest during each fishes life.... the fish represented the family of God.

When I looked into the clear water around me, it was a most beautiful sight... there were clear fish filling this spacious pure waters and more arriving continuously and as I watched them swimming about ... I was filled with awe and joy.... when I awoke... my thoughts regarding them... made me think of all those who have been birthed by those who have been led to stand for such a moment as this and that which is unfolding.

At this point in the dream, I recognized that I was at the edge of a place I do not know where... it did not seem to matter... the water had already come over the edge... and I was aware... it would continue to do so as the fish and rains arrived and flooded the areas behind me.... there was already a flood before me. I don't know how far the water was in front of me... it did not seem to matter... the fact that it was overflowing already, as I was at it's edge and that it was full of fish already and myriads of them were arriving with the flooding rains, stood out.

I was greatly aware there was a depth to this water... which would continue to increase as it flooded the areas around me.... filling the earth... purifying.... creating a new home for these new fish... and those who have gone before.

Upon awakening... I sensed this was representative of what was coming in 2005 (having asked the Spirit of the Lord for His vision of what was coming in 2005) as well as representative of what we are to be thankful for even now... (hence the timing of the dream to be at Thanksgiving.... which for a believer Thanksgiving can be everyday... since we know the final outcome for all of His Own .... is indeed victorious.).

As I have sought the mind of the Lord regarding this... I am reminded of the awareness I am given that Father's creation is going through a spiritual awakening which will evolve into an explosion of faith, hope, love, peace and joy and manifested redemption the like of which His creation has not experienced as a whole or conceptualized to date. I have been given eyes to see lives turned around, upside down, every which way as that which can be shaken is shaken loose setting us free from all which would attempt to keep us in darkness bound by lies and the unredeemed mind ... I have seen men fleeing darkness towards joy and hope as they run to His living word of light and truth to embrace it as their own ... through their awareness of their reconciliation with their Heavenly Father and the family of God.... their having received the mind of Christ through the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit offered and received.  I have seen them enter into His rest, through their choice to receive their union with the Spirit of the Lord of life ... empowered through the divine truth of all that is. This is partly in fulfillment of all of the answered prayers of our ancestors.  I sensed our present generations are manifesting all of their Ancestors answered prayers and such will be manifested as a greater contrast between light and darkness and it's spiritual discernment in relation to us as a species... comes into being. In the dream it seemed to be as a representative figure of one who has stood in agreement with Father's will, through their role as an intercessor, (aware Christ ever living to intercede through us), I was observing the awakening of mankind and everyone being released to flow in Father's will for them.  When the Tsunami of December 2004 in the area of the Ring of Fire came about, and I observed the nations in the world putting aside their differences to offer aid to one another, I sensed this dream was related to an aspect of this awakening. I sense the world events which will follow, like birth pangs... will show the great divide between the mind of the flesh and the mind of the Spirit.  Such contrast must be revealed... and in the manifestation of such, cause us as individuals to seek within to see where do we truly stand, or desire to stand before the Spirit of the Lord.

Bless You Father... for that which YOU bring into being.... according to Your timing, Your unique ways and the unfolding of Your divine eternal plan for each of us.

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