As I sat before the Spirit of the Lord seeking His mind regarding  Hurricane Katrina before her arrival and the tribulations worldwide which seem to be increasing, these encouraging prophetic thoughts came:
The earth groans and travails for the manifestation of My Family .... mature Sons and Daughters of Almighty God.  Fear not, rejoice in new beginnings.... leaving the temporal behind as change appears.
My Family  will manifest My compassion and unity... My peace and goodness... My wisdom and power... My abundance and generosity ... Our unity. My Family will walk in My Spirit and in  My truth ... motivated by My love, empowered through the wisdom and works of My hand .... revealing the will and generosity of My heart and My way.
The travailing of My creation bringing trials and tribulations with it ... turns hearts towards Me ...  answering the call to seek Me ... My truth ... My manifested love ... My understanding ... it having been revealed I Am in control .... the gift of life is precious ... safety  and grace rests in My manifested will and way ... not in the lies and illusions and temporal things of this world.   
Life and it more abundantly is a gift to all ... a gift to Be shared with the power of My compassion, as My Family seeking that which is best for ALL, establishing My power and will on earth ... revealing My Essence from within and among You ... here and in the here after.
The groaning of My creation like the spirit of a woman in travail... urges the life within to come forth to receive the wondrous prize of life ... aware the moment of birth has come.  A new life begins.
My Family... walk worthy of My name.  Judge not with a hard heart...  having surrendered Yourself to My judgment and redeeming power .... through the goodness of My mercy and grace.  Extend My mercy and grace... revealing My goodness and the truth of My spiritual transformation within, bringing forth the birth of My eternal Spiritual Family in Your now.    I desire none remain in darkness, ruled by lies and condemnation. I desire to translate all into My Kingdom of Light and  Truth, where righteousness and peace reign.  I desire for Our light to shine as the City of Truth and Peace ...  revealing Me alive within ...  among My Family.
Know... I desire none perish through ignorance and sin, missing the mark of My high calling.  I desire none withhold My love... through ignorance and sin .. missing the mark of My high calling ... to walk in My unconditional love, forgiveness and righteousness.  Forget not days gone by ... when You too felt separated from My love and goodness ... My will for You, through lies and illusions which sought to seduce You. You were powerless to overcome Your own will and ego centered fears.  Knowledge of My goodness and empowering favor toward each of You led You to repentance and life anew.   Share My good news with joy ... offering reconciliation which removes condemnation ... restores the soul ... heals the body ... unites hearts through My redeeming power.
My desire for You Family ...  is to walk worthy of My name... manifesting My heart toward ALL.  Let not fear, selfishness, greed, hardheartedness ... dark lies and ways rule You from within Your mind and heart.  Let My words renew the Spirit of Your mind, bringing about Our unity.  Share all which You have ... with those Who have not.... they have been placed in Your life to receive My unconditional love in sensible, practical ways ....  offered through My grace for all.
Family... walk worthy of My name... surrender to My will, extend My grace with the power of My compassion ... as each new moment dawns... whether I send You or send to You... those I deem, through trials and tribulations having come upon the whole earth..  Freely You have received by grace ... freely give through grace.  As You give...  give as unto Me. You Family, above all else recognize the work of My hand... let Your hand become as Mine through the mature fruit of My Spirit ... expressing My nature fully alive within. Let Us give as One.  Choose to give, not simply to receive... give to serve... give to love as You would Be loved. Receive not with a lust to gain for selfish motivation ... receive to give.... as You would Be given.  Give with My generous heart, a heart moved through compassion and unconditional love.  A heart that desires the best for all.
Family of the most high... come up higher in Your understanding... in Your ways... in ME...  leave behind Your childish way... Your childish self centered thinking.... childishness.  The earth groans and travails for the manifestation of My mature daughters and sons ...  I Am giving You the opportunity to walk worthy of My name... embrace it, it is Yours.  I created You for such a moment as this.  Draw from Me. Go forth... as My family of Love.  As My Family of mercy and grace offering hope, where there seems to Be no hope. Feed the hungry, clothe those less fortunate, offer shelter to those in need.  Heal the broken hearted. Strengthen those who are weary, spirit, soul and body as You walk along side. Step out in the power of faith I impart in each present moment. Leave behind Your old ways... thinking... fears... motivations of Your hard heart... it has no life... let it go ...  receive the new I promise You... let us walk as ONE in Spirit and in Truth ... in newness of life, in Your eternal now.