As 2014 began to come to an end, as usual, I anticipated a Prophetic Word from our Lord with regard to the new seasons that would come upon us.  A reoccurring Theme which presented itself was 'Suffer the little children to come unto Me for themselves.'  Memories of the process of my spiritual journey of Faith which led me through hope to a knowing that brought my soul into a place of inner rest as I am matured through as awareness of His Holy Spirit within, flooded me.

As I meditated upon this Theme and God's workings in my own life in diverse ways and means, what stood out was a present day urgent need for little children (spiritual as well as natural), to be taught to go directly to the Spirit of God their Father for themselves, day by day, in living ways. I was shown too often they are simply taught Bible Stories and Songs about God alongside rules and religious traditions.  Few have taught them how to have a loving relationship through His Holy Spirit within in practical and sensitive and numerous ways. Those babes in Christ looking to the religious community to teach them were weak and falling away.

I saw in my Spirit many being to sent to encourage them with personal testimonies, (spiritual and natural) as they teach them to ask their Heavenly Father questions and to not only expect an answer but guidance and insight from within, as He matures them. Many would rise up to encourage them to experience a living relationship with God as soon as they are able to understand this is possible and part of who they are to Be as one of His Creations, a Human, like Jesus born of His Holy Spirit in our present age of the Spirit, into the Family Of God's Spirit of Love and Truth.

I saw this as part of a Spiritual Renaissance which is taking place to bring about a New Age of the Spirit of God within man.

It has been my observation most 'little' children automatically experience God as a concept outside of them, identifying Him through seeing the Universe about us and watching or listening to others. Seldom are they told of personal testimonies of the working of God in our lives as we relate to them  spiritually as a part of the family of God. Seldom are they taken by the hand to join us in an experience of walking out a fiery trial as a member of the family of Faith.  Such imparts much understanding and reveals the reality of God and His heart towards us even when we misunderstand. Sadly it has been normal for many to be left out of this blessed revelation. The season for them to be shown at a young age has come.  The Spirit of God speaks to each of us through ALL of life, not only through Scripture and respected Teachers, but also from within our hearts because of His great love for 'all' of us and it is time for 'little children' to come to a new place in the Spirit of walking in this as well.

This will be taking place in 2015 and beyond... in ever increasing measure.

Writing this reminds me of the day when in a natural course of conversation I shared with my 6 year old Grand daughter about the day I heard a Voice in my head and what transpired.

While driving down the Interstate I heard,"Don't take that exit, go straight." to which I answered, "Yeah, I always go that way I think I will go this way."

Immediately after I passed the exit, I heard a crash only to see cars piled up in the lane I usually take. The next thought I heard was a Voice say, "Pay attention to your thoughts. You thought you were talking to yourself.  I speak to you often." which was followed by a memory of my prayer that I would be able to hear Gods voice and now of His Presence experientially, not just when in prayer or studying the Bible. I wanted to be Conscious of God's Presence and love fore me as much as possible.

She laughed as she marveled over the words, 'Pay attention to your thoughts. You thought you were talking to yourself.  I speak to you often." As we talked she received the revelations she too could receive a God Consciousness, in her day to day living, all she need do was ask with faith.

It has been my experience thus far, when we have a God Consciousness, we process life with an awareness of God's Presence ... who we are being in relationship to Creator God and who God is in relation to us ... the ways He relates to us intimately so we can hear and receive.

When we have a Christ Consciousness we process life with an awareness of His Holy Spirit within transforming us ... causing us to be who we are created to Be as a Eternal Spiritual Being in Time and Eternity. 

When we have a Universal Consciousness, we process  Life with an awareness ALL is Spirit ... OF the Spirit of God who is Love ... Spirit begets Spirit ... Life begets Life ... Love begets Love ... Enlightenment begets Enlightenment. 

When we have a Cosmic Consciousness we become aware of Gods Spirit as Omni experiencing and Being all that is since before the Foundations of the World  ... I Am Being, thus we are.

When we have an Eternal Consciousness we process through an awareness each moment is our Eternal Now, what is ... we are a part of the flow of Life which is Eternal, all is interconnected and created with a Divine Purpose, motivated by Love.

Faith opens the door to the Truth of God ... experiencing the Reality of the Spirit of God deep within through our union gives us a Knowing ... a Knowing that keeps our hearts open, at rest through the joys of having someone to love who loves us in return

Love begets the fullness of Life perfected ... Life begets the fullness of Love perfected ... all is for perfecting of love ... and that is Good Indeed.

Becoming perfected is to come into the fullness of becoming A Christed One, is the understanding I have currently.

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