As a member of the family of the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom His whole family in heaven and earth is named may I extend to you a warm hug and Holy kiss in the name of the Lord, as hopefully we testify together of an awareness of Him and His unconditional love for each of us; an awareness which comes from an inner knowing, No one... nothing can take from us.

Bless You Father... it is written, "The manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all". Thank You for Who You are in and through myself and those You send to this web site You inspired me to create ... Bless You for leading us to other members of Your family through the unfolding of Your eternal plan for us.  May we become who You created us to be through the unity of Your Spirit and may You be blessed through having ordained such from the foundations of the world.

May we rejoice together in Your blessings ... with peace upon our lives as we receive that which You offer in the Name of Your Gospel and the Name of Your Son, Jesus.  Bless You for opening our eyes to see with clarity that which You desire us to see ... May Your gift of faith be increased and the simplicity of Your truth be established in Spirit and in Truth, as that which I am being led to write is read and or spoken of:

In 1978, at a season where my heart's cry was to be set free from the power of sin and condemnation, the Spirit of the Lord unexpectedly sent someone to speak of the Holy Spirit to me. Experiencing this as divine intervention, I seriously pondered what they said for days. Encouraged with their message of hope and truth, I decided to reach out to our Heavenly Father surrendering my entire Being... with a repentant heart through my identification with Jesus at Calvary, offering us atonement. I surrendered my will ... my whole life for Father's possession to do as HE will .... that I might become Who He created me to Be as His child, (one part of the spiritual bride - mystical body of Christ), through the power of the Holy Spirit awakened within... not simply for my sake, but for His Kingdom sake. To do so... for me was an acknowledgement of His truth, as made known through the Spirit of His only begotten son... our brother Jesus, the first born of the dead.... we being dead to an intimate awareness of God's Spirit within through consciousness of sin, thus in need of reconciliation through propitiation.  I came to understand propitiation does not procure Father's love or make Him loving; rather, it renders it consistent for him to exercise his unconditional love towards us in a way we can receive it without condemnation.

Upon seeking to know His truth with a sincere heart ... with my whole being ... Father graciously brought me into His manifested Presence through my first living vision; (I was unaware such could happen, due to having little spiritual understanding of the scriptures and having not been raised in a religious environment. For details please consider the writings at
Filling me with the power of His love and revelation knowledge... revealing, nothing we can do could ever destroy His love nor earn it and there is truly life in the Spirit now and here after in the place He has prepared for us since the foundations of the world, He has daily transformed me from within since. Through empowering and sealing me through His Holy Spirit... my spiritual understanding and perspectives has increased according to the unfolding of HIS eternal plan for the family of God ... Through such I have been inspired to follow His leading from within daily, letting go of that which is necessary for my spiritual maturity. His indwelling Spirit continues to renew the Spirit of my mind and transforms me, conforming, confirming, clarifying ... through the regeneration, transmutation process, HE established for our lives, manifesting His divine wisdom and infinite nature. 

The spiritual experiences I have been given since have imparted an awareness we grow in spirit and in truth daily, having become a newborn Spirit, a new creation in Christ, (an eternal Holy Spiritual Being of faith who is dying daily to the limiting power of the realm of the flesh and sin nature resulting in the unredeemed slumbering mind) .... While identifying with Christ through the power of His resurrection alive within, enabling us to be a overcomer of sin and spiritual death ... it has been revealed to me what a gift our fiery trials can be.  They strengthen us in the inner man as we take up our cross daily and follow His leading, letting go of that which hinders. Through the process, Jesus reveals God to us as our heavenly Father, communicating His will in spirit and in truth (Father is the Spirit of love and truth). Jesus encourages us to abide in HIM. In the doing He tell us NOT to worship Him, but to worship Our Father through whom He comes, is sent ... for none is good but HE. Father upon reconciling us to HimSelf through Jesus, upon manifesting  ... imparting His love ... goodness and Holy Spirit of truth through His Son, raises us in the way we are to go through the indwelling resurrection power of His Holy Spirit. 

Upon reconciliation, He gives us a pure heart ... He chastens us with love and divine wisdom ... through such we learn to recognize His voice and truth... and surrender to His righteous judgments and revealed will with hope and love rather than through condemnation and fear.  With a revelation of the joy which has been set before us we can choose to take up our personal cross daily and enter in to His Presence, where we may abide and rest in the unveiled truth of His finished work in and through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

The indwelling Spirit of the Lord develops the fruits of His Spirit within making us aware of who we can be as His child and who we  are being through the true motivations of our heart. He makes our heart one with His through the regeneration, transmutation process as we surrender to that which He asks or makes known. We can gladly flee the darkness and embrace His living words of enlightenment. 

Through the will of our heavenly Father His Spirit translates us out of the Kingdom darkness which once ruled our thinking and ways of being,  into His ever increasing light.... from glory to glory... from His manifest Presence to His manifest Presence, He having brought us into HIS Kingdom of Light and City of Truth.  He assures us His plan for us is good and not evil... and HE is faithful to unfold it .... we can choose to surrender to His love... and Holiness... His truth and desires for us with the faith He offers so freely.

As we embrace His law of love... He releases us from condemnation and dead works while working our will after the counsel of His Own, which is ever motivated by what is best for all.  We do not have to understand in order to trust. As we acknowledge Him in all our ways, He directs our path ... we are empowered to learn to trust in Who He reveals HimSelf, His will to be as we face and overcome unhealthy ways of being through our union with His Holy Spirit. Eventually we become mature sons and daughters... and will no longer see through a glass darkly, but will look in the mirror to see ourselves face to face... having been given His power to see His truth through HIS eternal eyes.

We each receive unique spiritual journeys and a private relationship with the Spirit of the Lord .... Father having initiated it through His unconditional love.  He assures us we have nothing to fear, that HE is working all things out for the good after the counsel of His will, for those who love Him.  We are not to compare ourselves to one another, remembering we are each unique and an individual through who we are in and through Christ Jesus. We are to trust in and follow Him and His unveiled will and not one another  ... although His Spirit will often parent or pollinate us through those He sends to serve in such a role, through their union with His Spirit by grace .... whether they are aware or not. 

Through His indwelling Spirit awakened within, our renewed Spirit will witness to His Spirit within one another, reminding us the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all.

In discovering who I am in and through Christ, I find, my passion has become a deep desire to know the Spirit of God and to love Him and His truth as much as it is possible in this life and beyond and to become who I was created to be as His child. Daily I am becoming aware of Who HE created me to Be at the foundations of the world  ...  in time and in eternity. When I meet another...  often I can see with spiritual eyes what He is doing or desires to do in their lives ... and who they are becoming as a child of God, according to His finished work in our behalf.  I desire He be greatly blessed through His process... my love for who He is having matured. 

It has also become my desire that all of His creation would come to know HIM in His fullness  ... His love and truth ... as evidence of the seed of truth awakened which was planted as a tree of righteousness through the life of Jesus... when He died and was resurrected in Spirit and in truth.   May that seed come to fruition with an explosion of faith, hope and love, divine truth imparted, in the fullness of time and eternity.

Father may we all become who we were created to be to the glory of and for the blessing of You and Your name which is above every name ... may You receive the honor due to You as the Father of the one You sent in Your name, our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. May You grant us, according to the riches of Your glory, to be strengthened with Your might through Your Spirit abiding in our inner man as love, truth, peace and righteousness.  
Bless You Father... sweet Jesus for opening my Spiritual eyes and ears... whereby I can see through Your eyes of eternity and hear your voice and receive through the mind of Christ, hopefully through a spirit of humility, all which is mine as a joint-heir with You Jesus... all which is offered in and through Your Name to the Glory of Our Father ... received through the fulfillment of the promised indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  May You continue to do the same for all of Your Own according to the unfolding of Your eternal plan for us all bringing Your plan to fruition.  May we walk as one in Spirit and in truth... empowered according to Your will and revelation made known for all to see and experience as their own reality.  Thank You....