I offer for your consideration before the Spirit of God:

Our Creator gave me a Spiritual Vision in 1989 of a future time when the Spirit of the Lord would be putting pressure on the Global Economy shining a greater light on the Corruption of the unredeemed nature and the systems/governments/politics/harlot religions of man; giving everyone the opportunity to repent... to turn to His Spirit for the Source of all that is ... is to be ... to embrace His New Covenant for His Creation. I was given the understanding this is part of His plan to bring  about the greatest Spiritual Renaissance/Awakening since the Out Pouring of the Holy Ghost at the Feast of Pentecost ... fulfilling the Prophecy of Joel ... revealing the Spiritual Mysteries of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John in our present age.

As part of this Vision in 1989, I saw in days to come something major would happen on the East Coast of America and it would be one of many Dominoes to fall, slowly at first to bring this Divine Intervention about Worldwide. In my Spirit I saw a Spiritual Tidal Wave... drawing in the smaller waves, gathering them up as One in preparation for the building of the new through the empowerment of His Spirit. I've seen those of His Spirit riding on these waves, as merging drops of His Living Water which will be poured out of His Living Vessels of Spirit and Truth in His perfect timing. When the 'World Trade Center' fell in 2001, I knew that was the East Coast Domino I saw in my Spirit.  Mystery Babylon and America

It was then I was told, like the Apostle Paul, I was to go into a Sovereign Season of Consecration alone with His Spirit as my source of renewal/revelation with an attitude of Absolute Surrender and Trust. I heard, the greatest act of worship was not to sing songs of adoration in appreciation, it was to trust Him completely in every area of our life and to be obedient to His revealed will according to the faith He imparts as our gift of grace.  I accepted His call to come up higher, to a new way of Being, thinking and seeing. I embraced His call to come away with my Beloved in Spirit and Truth ... to live out His Purpose for my life ... in time and Eternity.

I was given the understanding others would go into a season of Consecration, inner transformation as well, having received a Listening Heart: http://www.enterrest.com/Receiving_A_Listening_Heart.htm to equip them for training as Overcomers, one on one with the Spirit of the Lord as our all.  Having been quickened through our Union with the Resurrected Spirit of Christ within and among us, an attitude of Absolute Surrender rules our minds and hearts as we trust Him to keep us in His love and truth.

Shortly after I was given a copy of Bill Britton's Vision, 'Harness of the Lord':  http://www.enterrest.com/Prophecy_Harness_Of_The_Lord_Bill_Britton.htm  Over the years it has come to mind, reading it in hindsight has been very encouraging as I can see where I am on my Journey He has set before me though His Eyes of Eternity. He has crossed my path through His Sovereign will with others called to a Season of Consecration, each having received the Vision given to Bill Britton as well. They were put in my life to be milestones along the way the Holy Spirit was leading me, giving me a knowing His Spirit is indeed keeping me/us in the will of Our loving Creator: http://www.enterrest.com/Rest_In_The_Knowing.htm

In my inner Spirit I saw a Day when the mature Sons and Daughters of the Most High... those chosen by His Spirit... would be sent forth clothed in the Cloak of Humility, with signs and wonders following in ways no one had yet conceptualized ... signs and wonders Our Creator gives witness to, for His Kingdom Sake and for the Sake of us all ... because of His great love for us as His Inheritance.  9 years later I was given a Vision of it's nearness:  http://www.enterrest.com/we_were_all_there.htm

This seemed to be fruit of the Vision I was given in 1989 to be shared with the Spiritual Church/Bride of Christ for the imparting of Spiritual Revelation of what was/is, and is to be. Reading it in hindsight has been very encouraging; assuring me as I look about me, His Spirit is wiping out the fleshly Temple and false Doctrine/Teachings to bring about fresh Revelations of His Covenant for our present Generation, because we are powerless to do so in and of ourselves.  http://www.enterrest.com/Gods_Vision_For_His_Church.htm

As one of many forerunners being prepared in advance, and as a form of Prophetic Living Intercession  ... likened to the Prophet of Old, Hosea who took Gomer, a Harlot as his wife and loved her, (Gomer was a representative of the heart of Natural Israel who was a mixture of religions. Hosea was a prophetic representation of God as her Husband still taking her in marriage, because of His great love for her even in her unfaithfulness. Such is a foreshadow of the New Covenant of Grace and Truth); circumstances beyond my control took over. I would loose almost everyone/thing of real value in my life to begin anew, with an awareness I was totally dependent on the Spirit of God, according to the unveiling of His Purpose and promise of future Restoration.  I am truly grateful I was given an understanding and revelation of Father's Plan in advance ... I would have testimonies to offer in the days to come of His goodness and faithfulness... of His provision, Spirit, Soul and Bodily one on one ... of some of His ways of being intimate in my/our life. He went before us and gave me these stories to encourage others when they go through tribulation which will conform them into the Image and Likeness of His Son ... to receive of His love/Presence in unexpected, often delightful ways. I did not know I would be writing, to do so is truly a weak place made strong. www.EnterRest.com  Because I knew in advance this Tribulation was a gift of Purifying... Refining... Transformation.... I have a peace deep within that keeps me in His loving care ... keeps me trusting Him to care for those I love in the way He knows is best for each of us ultimately.

I was given the faith to surrender to Father's will with glimpses of so much of what was to be in my personal life  http://www.enterrest.com/Listening%20Heart%20Farm%20Bed%20and%20Breakfast.htm  as well as globally ... bringing what is needed to an end, planting anew, for growth and restoration in God's perfect timing.  Life has been coming to pass as Father foreshadowed and made alive within. As such has taken place, the Spirit of our Creator has caused me to Enter into His Rest ... through much Travail in my Soul and acceptance of my weakness, HE brought me in.

Like other Overcomers through Christ, I have ceased from my own labors... The Indwelling Spirit of the Resurrected Christ has given me the power to overcome and to become who I Am created me to be as an aspect of the Bride of Christ ... as an aspect of His purified body whose heart and mind is ruled by the conviction and unity of His Spirit within ... as an Overcomer through the power of our union with Christ as our head, our governing power, our Living Intercessor, ever seated with Our Father rejoicing in the victorious unfolding of His Eternal Plan ... in Spirit and Truth.

Fulfilling what He said He would do by way of bringing me into His Rest with a call to live a simple life as I went with His flow; after loosing my life so I could find true life in the Spirit in 1989 ... to receive anew with promises of provision and restoration, Father picked me up and put me in the Country with other Believers. In the doing His Spirit began to teach us how to live off the land with the wisdom of living a simplified life. Through various aspects of our Spiritual Journey He took me and my husband to be, back to the basics.  Suddenly, I found myself homeless, without employment, living atop of Aaron's Mountain in a large Log Home under construction in the Countryside, learning animal husbandry first hand; with my needs being met. I was given the opportunity to learn of His Shepherd Nature, through becoming a Shepherdess of Sheep and Goats, each Farm a little larger than the last. We learned to make due and to be ingenious, practical and frugal. For example, until a deep well could be found and dug, it was necessary for water to be hauled from the River below to fill a 4,000 gallon Water Tank. We had to set up a grey water system to get full use of the water. We had to take 1 minute showers with a special nozzle which enabled us to wet ourselves, turn off the spray, lather up, then rinse off quickly. What could have seemed like chaos to an outsider was in reality, Divine order presenting itself within a new paradigm. Sometimes the circumstances we found ourselves living were of a Casual Elegance Environment where are lessons became more refined.  We understood all of this was training for the days to come, when we would give witness to His Faithfulness and Goodness and Abundance for the blessings of many, when we were harnessed of the Lord as forerunners, in every aspect of our lives:  http://www.enterrest.com/AnAngelicEncounter.htm

In my Spirit today, 2011 I can see Father pouring out His love and forgiveness in ever increasing fullness ... in Spirit and Truth. I perceive His Spirit alive within transforming us one by one. I see hope and Divine Truth becoming our reality... with the fruits of joy, inner peace and righteousness... even in the midst of Tribulation. What appears to be outer Chaos for some... is in truth, Divine Order rising up to make His way clear. May we receive it as the gift it is... and embrace the sweetness of it's fruit with a song in our heart and His testimony on our lips and fingertips.

As I am made aware of the news of the world, my heart aches, yet it rejoices. It seems to be those crying out to be set free from Corrupt Leaders are shaking off their shackles to receive a fresh paradigm where each man will be able to rule over his own soul, revealing the purposes of their Creator being brought to pass in the days to come. I am not surprised this battle is being played out in Egypt for all of the world to see, as knowledge goes to and fro over the earth in our present age. In Scripture Egypt has been symbolic of the unredeemed nature... it seems to be, as those bound by the governments of men which are corrupt rise up to demand and receive change ... the beginnings of Gods Blue Print which was spoken of in the Prophecy for 2011 and beyond, may begin to present it self in ever increasing fullness. http://www.enterrest.com/2011_Prophecy.htm  These desperate souls have requested to not have a earthly Ruler over them...  they have changed and want to live by a new standard of truth with a new way of being.  May it be the Standard of the Lord acted out for the world to witness in Spirit and Truth... if this is that which is yet to be for His Kingdom Sake.

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