Father God... Thank You... that You Reveal Yourself to Us...Drawing Us with Your Love and Mercy...

You have Created Us to Become One with You and Your Love... 

You Desire to Love through Us...

You Have Given Us Others to Love, that We May Live that which is Within Us... a Response of Love... 

As We choose to Love, You Enable Us to Understand... Through Loving Others, We are Loving You. 

You are Our Light, You Guide Us from Within as We Seek to Be in Harmony with Your Will... Thank You that You have Enabled Me, as well as Others, to Know You as 'Our Life... Our All... Our I AM... Our Love...'

You have Directed Our Steps... You Have Chosen to Reveal Yourself to Us... You Say, "Our Life is not an accident... It is a Journey Of Faith... A Journey of Spirit, A Journey of Love, A Journey of Truth... A Journey to Peace and Joy... and reconciliation with You, a Journey in Time and Eternity. "

You Say... "I Reveal Myself to Each of You... In My Ways, In My Timing... For My Purposes... because of My Great Love for Each of You... and My Desire for You Each to Know Me and My Unconditional Love."

You Say, "I Desire for You to Know Me as The Spirit of Unconditional Love... Love Which cannot be Earned... Love Which Was Manifested to You Through My Son... Jesus... Love, which Was Freely Offered.... Love Which Abides Forever... Waiting For You to Embrace as Your Own...".

You Say, "Follow Jesus' Example, for He Was Created in My Express Image... He Reveals My Heart, Which Expresses Love, Wholeness... Harmony... He Offers My Mercy to Those Who Seek Me and Come to Desire It with a Humble Heart." 

You Say, "Listen To Him, He is Speaking My Words to You, They Are Truth. Believe What He Says, for His Words Bring Life... His Words, Express My Heart towards You." 

You Say, "Listen to His Words Through the Spirit of Love and Faith and Truth."

You Say, "Believe... Receive..."

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This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Inspired Prayers of the Holy Spirit.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.