This is a writing I was led to post elsewhere... and sense I am to post here as well.

One of the easiest ways to care for another is to simply choose to love them as you would be loved... as we are loved by our heavenly Father... without judgment...treating them as one reconciled to our Father already.

Jesus left us with the message... if we love Him we will feed His Sheep... in feeding His Sheep... we can reach out to the Spirit of the resurrected Christ within them. Not one of us is without sin... all have fallen short, missed the mark... when we are given eyes to see the risen Spirit of Christ in everyone... the resurrection power of Jesus is evident in and through our life. Through His Spirit returning to earth resurrected in and through us, we love as He loved... He cares for the whole person through us... goes before us and makes the way.... empowers us with His Spirit... gives us spiritual discernment, wisdom, revelations knowledge and understanding.

It is good to choose to love ourselves as well... for we are loved unconditionally, we cannot earn pure love nor destroy it and through the love we come to the Spirit of the Lord... our Father to receive, we gather seeds of love to give and harvest anew.

There was a season when I had no earthly husband... Jesus related to me in such a role in spirit and in truth... and took care of me and taught me how to care for others as His Spiritual Bride. He offered me His love and I accepted. He offered me a listening heart and I accepted.... He offered me a intimate relationship and I accepted... He offered me ways and means... guidance and empowerment.... discernment and revelation knowledge... faith and joy and I accepted. He offered me.............. and I accepted. I surrendered to and trusted in the love, truth and empowerment He offered.... which revealed the heart and will of our Father in a way ... through a reality I cannot deny. I continue to trust having surrendered my all.

On Valentines day one year... someone was led to send me a Valentines Card from Jesus. Upon opening it I heard... 'Your heart will no longer be mine alone... I am bringing You a husband.' Then He proceeded to tell me about him... how our relationship would unfold, His eternal purpose for it... our role .... He showed me our future... and the future for some, it has been unfolding as our reality since. He has brought this into being... as we have surrendered to it's unfolding and hoped in His promises.

At first I resisted.... I was 'afraid' by loving this husband to be... it would cause me to love Jesus less .... . 'In loving him... you will be loving me.' was His reply. 'To love him... to love another... to choose to love strengthens our love, increases our love, unites our love and........'

I adore Jesus... as a spiritual husband, a best friend, a brother, as a role model, one who comforts and guides ... for Who He has revealed HimSelf, His Spirit and the heart of Our Father to Be. I adore our Father.... and am grateful for the endowment of His Holy Spirit.... am grateful for the awareness I can trust Him with my life, I can trust Him in and through the life of those He lays on my heart. I will never be able to thank Him enough.... and rest in the awareness of that. I do not have a need to earn His love... I know it experientially... it brings me peace and joy. He has given me the revelation I will never be able to destroy it or earn it anyway, so why would I choose to be anxious about something I have no power to change. He has brought me into His rest. I desire the same for others and stand in the gap through the power of His Spirit with hope ... empowered ... aware ~ all in due season.

I have seen and embraced my darkside... as well as the light within which has chased away the darkness... and brings me ever forward into His light... His love... the unfolding of His eternal plan. When I see such in another... I rejoice and stand in His truths ... in the Spirit of His love.... with an awareness ALL is working out for the good... Jesus having died for each of us ... Jesus having reconciled us to our Father at the foundations of the world ... in the beginning. He is truly the light of the world which exposes the darkness and sets the captives free. May His light shine forth from within and in our mist with increasing awareness.

As true to His word... my husband and I love one another.... our relationship is maturing... we both know He brought us together for His Kingdom sake and are grateful. We are coming to understand our independent unique gifts and talents.... and choose to honor the Spirit of Christ in one another. It is our desire to honor Him in everyone... in all of His creation.... for the earth groans and travails for the manifestation of the mature sons and daughters of Almighty God... He has given us His heart... may it be known according to the unfolding of His eternal plan.

When death was swallowed up in victory... to the point of there being no more sting... it was through love... Love overcame death.... love is eternal. We have been given the keys to hell and death .... the Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Love, Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Eternal Life. Through receiving these keys we come to know His Spirit is eternal... His truths are eternal.... His unconditional love is eternal. Our life of love is eternal... Our life of death will no longer exist. That which is impure ceases to be having been swallowed up in purity... sinlessness. That which is love, truth, holy, eternal remains... we can Be of the Spirit and purity of love..... we can be loving..... we can live a life of love... a righteous life through the Spirit of Christ in our now ... from moment to moment to moment... with the power to begin anew. May all come to know the power of the resurrected Christ within and in our mists... in this lifetime ... through our journey in time and eternity.

When made aware, we can choose to love... and not let our feelings, lower nature rule. We can choose to seek to do what is best, righteous for all, not only self. We can be motivated by love.... empowered by love... enriched through love. We can choose to see through new eyes... eternal eyes .... the eyes of the Spirit. Eyes of faith in the goodness of our creator... imparting His goodness in all of life... reconciling and restoring all unto HimSelf through Christ. All revealed through the righteous and holy Eyes of eternal love.

Thank You Father for empowering us with Your love. For Your goodness. For life... everlasting. For Your Holy Spirit and all which is offered through Your having endowed us with it. May we come into the fullness of Your love and truth for us. May we be overcome with Your love and truth. Saturated through the Spirit of it. May Your love and truth be shed abroad in and through our hearts and minds. May it's healing power continue to overcome sin, sickness, dis ease, the oppressions of darkness. May Your truths ... Your eternal Light rule... may Your words... Your promises not return to You void. May their fulfillment be known in our now.

Thank You Father... by the stripes and shed blood of Jesus we were set free.... we have been reconciled to You. Spiritual Death... and it's no longer a stronghold in our lives. It having been replaced by the restoration power of Your Holy Spirit of love and truth awakened within. May the evidence of Your holiness, Your eternal wisdom, Your truth... Your abiding love reign in our hearts and lives. May Your love.... Your truths.... Your holiness... mercy and grace continue to establish Your Kingdom on earth as it already exists in You. May it reign in and through us giving evidence of Your truth which cannot be denied. May the returning the Spirit of Christ in the hearts, minds and lives of Your ever maturing children manifest the resurrection of Jesus... in ways no one can deny or explain away; leaving us speechless standing in awe.

May We stand... embracing the victory which is ours through Jesus Christ... in awe of You and Your eternal plan with hands lifted expressing our grateful hearts.


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