A friend wrote asking for prayer:  discouragement has
overwhelmed me, like deep billowing waves tossing
  my frame into the depths of
the sea. Depression beyond anything i have ever had
before. Such is the life I am enduring at this time.

But my trust is still in the Lord!


This was my response:

I am sure there are others who are feeling like this... who do not
necessarily understand what is happening  spiritually during this season of
their spiritual journey... so i write the following by way of encouraging
them as well... to continue to stand in their love for Father God and through faith in
who HE is... and has been... and through faith in  HIS divine eternal plan for man  ... and to encourage...
hopefully by way of refreshing you as well, with that which i believe 'dad'
... Father God ... has given me to share by way of having been there myself  and
having been brought through by HIS power within and in my mist! 

 Your right... HE has to do it and i am hearing many of us echoing
your words: "I want to KNOW JESUS and the POWER of His resurrection IN ME.
And NO MAN can teach me that". 

As you know.... God's Spirit IS already in
the process of bringing this to completion with HIS spiritual perspectives
and understanding which are being made manifest through the fiery trials we
go through, it having been accomplished for us already at the foundations of
the world ... as a free gift for mankind to appropriate by faith and as a
daily reality as we die to our limited fleshly understanding and are raised
anew through our union with our spiritual brother Jesus, (the firstborn from
the dead).  Our recognition... of our union with Jesus...  causes us to die
spiritually to that which would seek to keep even one of us bound for even
an instant. Even so... we cannot crucify ourselves... for we would have one
hand free if we tried. We can only surrender to HIS will and power to bring
our new life into being through Father God's eternal purposes...  and power
to overcome in and through us as we join ourselves to HIS will, even if it's
with a heavy heart or we are momentarily going through a fiery trial, which
is ultimately intended to bring an end to that which keeps us bound or blind
to HIS Spirit and HIS unconditional love and wonderful plan for man; and our
own limited ways of being, before our spirits are awakened to the reality of
HIM in our daily lives... and alive and well overcoming from within as we
yield to HIM... daily conforming us to the expressed image of HIS son.

 May i encourage you and others who are struggling with depression in any
form with hope... by way of reminder, (something i needed during such
seasons and HE confirmed through His Spirit of love... truth and
faithfulness in ways which astounded me) with the following words:

i too
have been through deep, dark depressions ... During one season way back in
the beginning... for repentant... healing...  purposes... bringing me to the
end of shame... and a new place of faith in who He is and has created me to
BE...  bringing me to a place of empowerment and spiritual understanding
through His Holy Spirit awakened within through HIS gift of faith in Who HE
IS revealing Himself to be in and through my life as the Holy Spirit of
truth and love and eternal peace and joy (now not just when i leave this
body as i  presently now know it to be)  ...  During another season for
deliverance purposes, that i might walk as an overcomer first by faith and
then through HIS manifestation within and in our mists as HIS Kingdom is
established within and in among us in our ever present eternal now ...
During yet another season.... as a overcomer... through a form of living
intercession, as i am given an awareness i was picking up, (empathically?)
what HIS body was feeling... to a small degree, since we are all one part of
a  whole... through what it WAS to be simply human... and what it IS to be a
spiritual child of the most high God standing victorious through and hid in
HIM.... allowing HIS life to unfold as a part of our own according to HIS
divine eternal plan ... HE having given us a new life via His breath of
life... spirit awakened anew within, causing us to be transformed into the
image of His child. (I stand with you that negative emotions are not to rule
us and keep us bound.... but remember it is also ok to allow the Holy Spirit
to grieve through us by way of mercy and compassion, when such a time is
called for... as we recognize this grief is only momentary... compared to
eternity and that which it will birth through love and truth and HIS power

Through a form of living intercession... for several years now... Father God
made me aware... His Spirit within me wanted me ... US ... to stand by faith
with ONE mind... the mind of Christ  ... through 'our' union with HIS
heart... (His heart... spirit... breath of life  awakened within His body),
for HIS complete deliverance of us all ... extending the victory He had
already given me .... US .... which involves an awareness of HE having
overcome already through me... and others who were/are called to rest in
that place as a ever maturing... growing body of (apostolic... prophetic?) forerunners
... saints of God... in the role of hidden living intercessors, HE ever
initiating the intercession, thus BEING ... through us, during a season of
our spiritual journey with HIM here in this realm... (this is just one part
of HIS body He is daily bringing to maturity... having  been given ears to
hear of HIS burden for man... and having chosen to unite themselves in this
work... first by faith... with HIS heart and the mind and Spirit of Christ
and later during times of communion and union through an ever growing mutual
love ...  by the continual works and grace of our Father's eternal
redemptive plan for man and not just for our own life here or here after),
until each of us comes into a place of the fullness of Christ being
manifested on this earth, acknowledging HIM as our dad... and us as one of
HIS own ... so HE IS  glorified through HIS bride preparing herself through
love ... and as HIS inheritance.... while God's Kingdom is established daily
on this earth and within His Own, one part of the body at a time... as HIS
head... the mind of Christ...(the government of God made known on the earth
as the governments of man come to an end)... is joined to His body bringing
about a divine eternal union and communion of love and holiness...
manifested as HIS Kingdom come on earth as it has already been established
since the foundations of the world... a mystery revealed. (Remember the
words of the Lord's Prayer, an example Jesus left for us to pray, to bring
HIS will into Being for man... Thy Kingdom come on earth.. as it already exists in heaven.)

May i suggest, by way of refreshing if or when it is needed...  what you are
going through is just a season... and for HIS eternal divine purposes... BE
encouraged, all WILL work out for the good, for we have been called to such
a work as this! When we think and speak of that which He has revealed to be
good and thank Him with a gratetful heart... and with humility... through He
having done so we will reap that which is good and of eternal value not only
for ourselves... but for those we stand for as ONE... with compassion and
His spiritual understanding ... remembering who we use to Be... how we use
to think... before HE revealed His mind... His purpose for man and
ultimately His children through grace.

It has become my understanding... to the degree we suffer.... struggle to
overcome and love unconditionally speaking blessings and not a curse... (to
include loving ourselves), with grace...  joy...  humility and compassion...
to the same degree we release God's power on the earth... and we seem to
walk in HIS victory and HIS power, extending love... joy... faith... and
much more. 

May we ever remind those who are in transition... laboring to be
conformed into the image of Christ daily ... and are going through a form of
living intercession of some sort ...  we are called to not only know HIM in
the power of HIS resurrection... but  we are to be united through... with
... the fellowship of HIS suffering. (in all ways humbly remembering from
whence we came by grace, recognizing on some level others mirror who we once
were... still are... or might have been, this recognition will cause us to
intercede without judgment... having come to a new awareness... what we sow
we reap... so let us sow with love and mercy and that which is good,
recognizing all have fallen short of manifesting  the glory of God within
and in our mist). 

As you know...  pain and depression and far more... have
been taken within Jesus already and overcome.... and only God's Spirit
released within... can cause you to Be the person HE created you to BE...
releasing each of US from that which needs to die... and be resurrected

May we ever embrace the grief of the Holy Spirit with an internal abiding
peace and joy which is set before us to take hold of... so spiritual
understanding and love for HIM and HIS love for each of us can come forth
and overcome that which needs to be crucified by HIM with our permission and
raised anew through HIS timing and ways... HIS Spirit and not our own...
(His plan for us is good, some of us expect or have expected the worst from
Him, that perspective, which is rooted in fear... and is a lie... which
binds us to fear... too must die and Be transformed from within as we step
out in faith expecting HIS goodness and unmerited favor to be revealed.).

Remember...  HE carries each one of us close to His heart... our lives are
precious to him, even if we believe otherwise.

May i suggest, if you have
not already done so... choose to completely let go of your concepts of who
God is ...  the reality of His Kingdom... which may possibly be false... and allow His Holy Spirit... the
mind of Christ awakened within... to renew the Spirit of your mind as He
manifests HIS truths and abiding Presence to you, whether you think you
deserve it or not.

For those who cannot think of any real reason, when they think about it in
the Presence of God... for them to be depressed... or to feel oppressed or
hopeless... please consider the possibility that depression or feelings of
hopelessness could also be what those who are looking at world events ...
those who are not aware of His gift of faith by grace; as evidenced through
mercy and unconditional love...  are feeling as they are struggling to fight
off fear and trepidation or depression or a lack of hope or loss of purpose
or a sense of purity or humility, or spiritual wisdom as a part of their
private... as a part of their internal reality ... during this season of
world tribulation; as man judges man .... causing  some to reap judgment or
fear of retaliation in return. 

May i suggest, Father God wants you ... US
... to pray them through via His Holy Spirit of love and truth leading us
from within  ... extending the victory we already walk in.

 If as i believe He has revealed to me... His Spirit during
such feelings is revealing  to us what some others are feeling
(empathically? for were we ultimately not all one in our humanity at one point in our
lives... in what it is to be simply a human before we were born of His
Spirit awakened... leading us from within). We can pray... empowered by
faith having come to the place of understanding... spiritually... we are
aware we don't have to be fearful for ourselves or another.

May i suggest,
because we have chosen to accept HIS abiding grace and unconditional spirit
of love... peace and truth towards all men and with our hearts united as ONE
with HIS... we desire it to be manifested  in our own lives beginning
through HIS heart of intercession and a new living way of BEING ... (being
love and peace and joy in our ever present realities);  which will
ultimately bring into manifestation our own union with HIM as well as HIS
will for each of our lives....

Remember ... Jesus died as the Christ... for all of mankind ... empowering
us to walk in love and wholeness... with a sound mind and Father God allowed the people of the
first covenant... to be blinded to this great truth for a season... so those
who were yet unaware of God... could enter into a new eternal covenant that
God Himself would reveal to US  ...

Know... soon the Hebrew people will come
to embrace this final covenant offered to all men ... as their own as
well... and then... the hope which is alive within me is, we will indeed see
the manifestations of the sons and daughters of God on the whole face of the
earth... as we come to walk as children of love and peace.. and not fear...
or vengeance.

Know...Father made a covenant first with the descendants of Adam and Eve... promising them a Messiah.  After Cain killed Abel... Seth became the child of promise... Jesus came through him... as did... Abraham... King David... and other men of old.

IF you are fighting fear of that which is coming on the earth... with a
heart of compassion... remember... Father God kept HIS chosen people, (those
set aside for a time of visitation and loving care), safe in the land of
Goshen when Moses was proclaiming  to the enemy of God and HIS own: 'let My
people go'...

KNOW... the purpose of that which is seeking to overcome us
within is so it can be overcome... by receiving that which is rightfully
ours as a child of God... and child of covenant of God... with humility,
love and grace... and not through vengeance or hate, which is ultimately
rooted in fear and not according to God's will or eternal... internal
purposes for man.

Remember the Kingdom of God begins within.

May you continue to stand with a deep abiding peace... as you release and
receive  that which HE quickens... makes alive... by faith with joy and
heavenly expectations... recognizing... HE is indeed in control... and many
are crying out... laboring as ONE in unison with the same desire HE has
given us all...  echoing your words: "I want to KNOW HIM and the POWER
of His resurrection IN ME" ... so others may come to know of HIM and HIS
great love for them and love HIM in return! 

Take it from a woman's
perspective... the transition part of labor is the hardest part ... during
it, it takes a lot of focus to fight through while remembering the child of
love which will come in it's stead ... ALSO know it is also the last stage
of the delivery process. BLESS GOD!!!! 

Know i am standing with you...
extending that which HE has already given me towards all of mankind as His Spirit within me leads... and as i am enabled ... by way of
HIS divine eternal plan... as the part of HIS body I AM, (having recognized
i am indeed hid in Christ through God... so the real I AM can come forth!).

Sent with much love  to you and yours... and especially to HIM... HIS Own
and those yet to be born into HIS Kingdom of peace and love and hope and
lasting joy... during this lifetime and not just when we are released from
this world as we know it today!

May HE BE ever blessed in and through the
love we return to HIM... accepting HIS will... with abiding trust in Who HE
IS and has proved HIMSELF to BE, even when we don't fully understand His
eternal Divine plan or when that which is coming on the earth attempts to
cause us to doubt... or be unduly concerned for the human race as a whole.

Father God is faithful.... 

Know... He is indeed in the process of completing that which He began long ago... let us thank Him without fear... and with joyful expectation and much returned love!