Bless You Lord .... You are so good to us... providing what we and other's need; spirit, soul, mind, body...   for our entire Being  ...  enabling us to provide one for another... according to the portions You give us to share!  
Bless You through the life of Christ within... we are motivated by YOU and Your unconditional love always .... remembering, You rain on the just and the unjust... and it's Your faithfulness, Your loving kindness, Your goodness and mercy that leads to repentance.... wisdom and a loving heart.  
Thank You for enabling us to ever share that which we have, and who we are as a reflection of You ... through humility with grateful...  generous...  pure  hearts...  offering from our sustenance without undue hesitation, or pride and receiving without condemnation or unfounded regret ...  Thank You we've been freed from self centered, selfish hearts,  and can freely give and receive without judgment... resentment... or a false sense of obligation... without fear... anger... manipulation or control ... without false expectations...  or selfish motives...   or greedy intentions, without a desire to receive in return... in any way... acknowledging it is good to give and receive with a pure heart... recognizing this is Who You are in and through us... as You sow love, establishing Your Kingdom within our hearts and in our lives. Bless You for this...
 May we never take You, Your love or Who You are for granted... looking to You as a 'sugar daddy', or expecting your provision because we think we deserve it.... through a haughty heart or as a spoilt child or ungrateful companion, or a self indulgent ego. 
Thank You we've been freed from such ways of Being.... and  have been empowered to walk as You walk... in Spirit and in truth.   Thank You our corrupt nature is dead... and we are ever embracing the new nature... observing who we were... and have become as a new creation in and through our mystical union with Christ.
Thank You for the blessing of Your timing and Your 'daily', intimate provision ... spirit, soul, body, mind... our entire being.... we acknowledge and receive that which You offer, with a open heart and clarity of mind... the mind of Christ.
Bless You for blessing through us and for blessing us with all which we truly need in each of our present moments.   Bless You for Your kindness in not giving us or another what we think is needed ... or when we think it is needed...  or through whom we think it is needed, when it is not what You know is best for all concerned.  Bless You for divine intervention.
Thank You for the honor of giving or receiving at ... as one with You, having sought You ... through humility, with Your wisdom and understanding and righteous judgments... aware You give and withhold out of the goodness of Your heart... and have empowered us to do the same with peace and joy and abounding kindness.  Thank You for Your heart.... Your wisdom... a mindfulness of Your indwelling Presence which guides us and leads us developing spiritual insight, integrity, love, inner peace and joy...  ever transforming us through the process of our spiritual growth..... ever increasing our understanding and knowledge of You.   
Thank You for Your abiding Presence and continual leading... and revealing of,  the fulfillment of Your will and eternal purpose... enabling us to see and recognize it...  pulling down the vain imaginations.... illusions and lies which  we sought after in our ignorance, as we receive the blessing  of truth You intend in it's stead.
May Your  faithfulness, Your goodness, Your Presence... Essence  in and through us... Your Own... in all ways... increasingly exemplify Who You are... inspiring those who do not yet know You intimately... or at all.... to seek and experience You and their life with You innately, according to Your desire for each.  May we... Your Own... honor Who You reveal YourSelf to Be in each of us.
It is good to know and experience as reality ..... You are blessed through Your union with Your Own... and we are blessed through our union with You. Thank You....
Bless You ... for such a life as this.

Sweet Kisses...


This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Free On-Line Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.

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