Come and speak... all you who truly honor Almighty God... and let us declare as ONE... what HE has done for our souls! Father God... Abba... dad... thank You for making YourSelf known... and for encouraging each of us and for ever bringing us to a fuller understanding of You, Your everlasting covenant and will of the moment.

Thank You for ever revealing to each of us on an ever increasing intimate level.... Jesus, our brother... is indeed our ascended Lord, eternal intimate companion and divine example and You are our one and only true source of all that is ... and always will be ... through the circumstances You ordain in each of our lives, as we stand as One before You... receiving Your spiritual victory for each of us in the moment ... learning the lessons You have prepared for each of our inner transformations... through You knowing, since the foundations of the world, all which would lead us who stand in the gap for the Spiritual awakening of all of mankind... to this moment ... You having connected us, through these words of faith and Your infinite ways.

Bless You for making us aware... we are all one in mind and heart as the mystical body of Christ... and when one is in need... all are in need....and because Christ was victorious all can be victorious! Bless You for giving us one another as family... may we love as You love.... May we Be who You created each of us to Be and may you ever be glorified!
Bless You for such an honor... and that there is no condemnation in our present moments when we are in a place of need or spiritual growth ... as all of us ever let go of that which we first supposed ... to embrace the truth of what is now ... and what is to be.... while humbly walking forward into Your ever increasing light, manifest unconditional love... pure wisdom and true spiritual understanding and majestic power. May i.... we ever say ... bless You and thank You and we truly... truly love You! ... 

May those You have ordained... stand watch from both near and afar with an abiding joy and inner peace which comes with an awareness of Your victory and our unity through You ... praising You for Who You have revealed YourSelf to Be... in all our lives, through the covenant You have established and keep with and for us. May we... as Your Own... ever extend mercy and grace and love as You love.... bringing a consciousness of Who You are and Your covenant... to all You bring into our lives. May all who meet us see You within... and through our lives.

Thank You and bless You Abba ... for revealing ... as we turn and face and overcome any fears and lies which would even begin to attempt to overtake us, or remain in our lives... 'we don't have to understand' in order to trust You. 

Bless You we can choose to follow You and surrender to the truth of the death of our fearful ego with its limited understanding, and false perspectives... inherited natural mindsets and put our trust in You and the spirit of Christ fully alive within us today ... remembering Your goodness... Your faithfulness... Your love... Your overcoming power... Your sovereignty, while we choose to love You and those You sovereignly place in our lives, one Spiritual Being at a time, You having empowered us and made us content in Your manifest will of the moment. 

This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Free On-Line Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.

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