If you are in need of God's Refreshing Rain in these tumultuous times globally, do consider the truths planted within my heart ... although we have each been created to be unique individuals, perhaps they will resonate with the truths already alive within your own:

Thank You Father for washing us with the water of Your Living Words to us as individuals. Bless You through Your Faithfulness the Spirit of Your Words rain down upon us bringing the refreshing and unction which is most needed in the moment. Thank You for giving us the understanding once we choose to believe, to trust in the Goodness of Who You are and Your Eternal Plan .... once we surrender to the Gift of Your Spirit, You impart with power ... we can abide in Your Living Words as promises being fulfilled, even if the circumstances about us limit our thinking and cloud our finite understanding for a season, as we are advanced through them. Bless You for the challenges which strengthen our Faith and refine our Character and reveal the potential for true joy which awaits us when we step out to be soaked, even saturated by the outpouring of Your Spirit overtaking us with Faith, Love and Life Eternal ... Such Spiritual experiences disclose to us the establishing of Your Kingdom within our hearts, one day at a time, according to Your unfolding plan and lessons of life ordained for us ... in Your perfect timing. Bless You Ruler of all that is, was and is to Be ... When Your Spirit rules our heart and mind, purifying us, we become aware the fruit of abiding in Your Kingdom is peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost... thank You we can experience such in our nows, as we look to YOU to bring to fruition the promises of the New Covenant You conceived for us before the Foundations of the World ... with unconditional love offered through the life, death, resurrection, ascension, glorification and Kingdom Rule of Christ Jesus ... our Redeemer who ever lives and intercedes in our behalf in Spirit and Truth. Thank You, the ever Present fruit of Your overcoming Spirit of Love is ours to behold, embrace and release in abundance as it accomplishes the purpose for which it was created, in both time and eternity. Thank You we can rest in the knowing You quench the hunger and thirst of those in need of Your Bread of Life and Living Waters .... witnessed as Your Truth through the unction of Your Holy Spirit within and in our midst. Thank You for giving us ears to hear and a conscience whereby we can respond with peace. Bless You for drawing us near without condemnation, so we can choose to be who You created us to be; enabling us to grow in and through the power of Your Eternal Spirit alive within and among us. Thank You for the revelation of Your truth and for causing Your desires to become our own.

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