~ As is my unceasing habit... I  sit down daily to speak with God though meditating with my fingertips... while doing so... I ask God to speak to me and through me... the following came during one of those moments... during July 2002 ~

Has it not been spoken… has it not been written… for the sake of those who desire to know Me… In the beginning… the Voice of God spoke all of creation into existence.  The Lord God said let it Be… and it was so!  My words cannot return to Me fruitless… they create…. all that is living.

Some have chosen to ask Me… “How does one come to know You and Your truth?” and heard… through listening to My life giving words… and embracing them as truth.  Only believe….

Never forget, the voice of the Lord God walked with Adam and Eve…when they were in Paradise.

Knowledge of Me and My ways was revealed through living words which were made manifest to them.

Know… it was their choice to embrace death… over life. It was they who chose to cover themselves with leaves upon seeing themselves as naked, in hopes of hiding their shame. It was they who, upon hearing My voice, hid themselves from My Presence among the trees in the garden I had created for them.

They knew Me through My words and all I offered with My love… yet they did not trust in the truth of My living  words… until they experienced them for themselves through death. Death rather than life began to rule them…. and their descendants….who found themselves under the blessings and curses of the laws of good and evil.

Even so… I did not leave them comfortless… I promised Eve, My chosen offspring would come as a redeemer and conquer death and all it’s consequences…. Truth would set them free… causing them to become a new creation…. an eternal spiritual Being… no longer ruled by their corrupted lower nature… but through identification with Me as their Father.

In My love for each of you… I reveal My Essence… My Spirit…  My life giving words through My offspring made flesh in the person of Jesus the Christ… the promised Messiah… as proof that each of you can come to know Me…. My ways…. and My great love.

I have chosen vessels… spiritual offspring I call My own…  I speak through even today… signs and wonders confirm the words they speak, as a gift to the descendants of the first Adam, so you will know I have spoken and always will speak my will for each of you through the second Adam and His descendants.  I send them to you…. with the message…  you too can come to Me and listen for My voice, when you choose to embrace Me as your Father, who is Spirit.

I have not left you without evidence of My promises.

Others have heard My voice, received My promises with joy and follow with an open heart of faith.

Jesus spoke of Me… He called Me Father, revealing My will for those who would hear.  He spoke My words, and I confirmed them with signs which followed.  He was the first born from death, having chosen to trust by faith…. to honor all that I Am and ever will Be.

Some have heard the heart of My words, embracing them as truth… and have taken them into their own heart creating new life from within…. They are those who willingly share that which I offer in an effort to honor Me and that which I have given them by faith. 

I would say to them… and those who desire to hear…

Now is the time… now is the season…  Let My Sons and Daughters come forth as one…

I Am one in them… My Spirit lives through them.

I have spoken it… Let it Be so…