~ In 1989, God's Spirit called me out of organized religion... for a season of consecration, alone with HIM... similar to what the Apostle Paul experienced during his years alone with God in preparation, at Damascus...  having told me their were  Pharisitical, Religious, Jezebel Spirits which were seeking to control my walk and life with Him. The following is the understanding I was given with regard to a Pharisitical Spirit. ~

Pharisee's follow a false image of God... which came about through following a religion, rather than My Spirit... they are the blind leading the blind. They trust in an inherited tradition, rather than their Creator alone... their loyalty is to systems of men and the concepts they have adopted as their truth, rather than to Me... 

Faith in a religion spawns legalistic Pharisee's who use sincere believers, turning them into Jezebel’s to advance their cause… attacking those they cannot control, believing they are doing My work. Faith in your living Creator spawns loving sons and daughters of God. The two of these combined is a picture of the wheat and the tares growing side by side... until the time of harvest, when My bride is to be revealed. 

I draw you and I reveal Myself to those who seek Me in return.. When I Am genuinely sought... for who I AM... I Am found. As you let go of the lies which blind you to My love and to My truth... you are healed and made whole. Love and truth will set you free. Light will burst forth exposing the darkness... so love rooted in inner peace and joy within can reign. 

This is my work... I have begun it... I alone bring it to fruition.... however I deem it is to be done in each life I create and call to be My own.