As is my norm, (Having received: Receiving A Listening Heart) as the new year approaches, I ask Father to speak to me regarding the coming year... and beyond. On Christmas Eve 2008 I heard the Spirit of the Lord suddenly say: "Stand with faith for that which I have revealed... it is coming pass ... continue to live with Me in your present, hid in My son, at rest in the knowing I have given you." (Please consider: Rest in the Knowing...  Enter Into His Rest for Your Soul)

As I stand with the faith HE imparted, I am reminded of part of an inner vision I received back in the late 1980's....  I saw Father transforming the Church (Please consider: God's Vision for His Church) and Father putting pressure on the global economy in the present and in the future (I saw Dominoes begin to fall once something major happened on the East Coast, which would affect the global economy and eventually bring about a spiritual tidal wave which would ultimately manifest a spiritual move of Almighty God more powerful than any other since Pentecost) ... His pressure on the global economy would take place exposing the corruption of the hearts and systems of men who are seeking after, encouraging others to follow/seek after fleshly shepherds/gods, such as the god of mammon, lust, greed, perversion, coveting, materialism, gluttony, adultery, pride and the like, rather than the Spirit of God our Father... who are seeking to build their own Kingdom for selfish gain, rather than live in the Kingdom of God intimately with their loving Father and the family of God ... I saw the goodness of the Lord rising up within the hearts of men, overcoming vain imaginations which sought to exalt itself above the true knowledge of God, as hearts are transformed by the fiery trials which will come upon those who live on the earth. Ultimately humanity will come to understand these trials, tumultuous times are a spiritual gift... offered with the promise/intention of reconciliation, the purification of our hearts and minds, and the restoration, regeneration of our souls. Nothing man wills to do can stop this spiritual global pressure/outpouring ... all will be affected; Father will have those He has prepared in advance spiritually who will rise up with HIS indwelling Spirit, love, compassion and message of Truth ... those who live in, learned to live in HIS Kingdom now, who abide in HIS Presence with wisdom, and the knowing HE did this... through Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith. He will make them known ... and use them with great power ... manifesting His Glory. I saw Father's Spirit comforting, encouraging, exhorting, healing, imparting, providing and the like through those who walk in the Spirit of Humility ... who walk in Spirit and Truth. He would be preparing them through their own fiery trials in advance, and when the pressure becomes great, they will comfort with the comfort they have received, imparting His truth, it having become their own.

I saw 'Kingdoms of men' ... Religions, Governments, Politics, Medicine, Science, Finance, Commerce, Entertainment and the like... and it's vanity corrupting it from within. I saw each individual given opportunities to chose in whom/how they will serve/be... I saw hearts being convicted and turning to the truth of God and the wisdom of His loving ways, as the hearts of men became one with the heart of Father and His Son... their salvation. I saw multitudes coming into a greater understanding of what it is to be true to who they were created to be as a child of God ... I saw hearts being conformed to HIS... imparting the understanding: HE has a plan which is unfolding and all is necessary for humanity's Spiritual growth ... surrender and draw nigh to receive with joy and understanding, that you may become who you are created to be.

It was revealed to me the challenges we will go through will become an opportunity for the righteousness/intimate heart of God to be known.... and embraced as our own by the choices we make. Those who have will be moved with compassion and wisdom to give to those who do not. Those who lack, will be brought to a new place of understanding and spiritual discernment.... it will change them for the better... as His truth, righteousness and humility is birthed in their hearts.

I saw this and more... (Please consider: Surrendering to God in the Tumultuous Days to Come) and was made aware the greatest spiritual awakening of the family of God since the days Christ walked the earth is upon us, and it's power will overtake us ... and was given His faith to stand for it's unfolding... with ever increasing measure, as I watch/experience it come into being through His eyes of eternity and Holy Spirit awakened/empowerment within. For this... I am truly grateful, thank You Father.... Bless You for pouring out Your Holy Spirit and awakening us to the reality of You, Your love, will and...............


Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages and inspired prayers are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind.

Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy and Prophetic Prayers do not always come into being in its fullness immediately; nor in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate.... may we have ears to hear and eyes to see as it does...

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