2010 and Beyond

As my hubby and I waited for the New Year to come we found ourselves thinking about all which has transpired before we met and since. We could see in some ways we have come full circle... but also saw much which is still yet to be.  The Spirit of the Lord brought to mind much which was planted in our hearts from the beginning. The Book of Zechariah being part of this. We sensed 2010 and beyond would bring about the manifestations of mature Believers.  We sensed truly the meek will inherit the earth, having gone through trials by fire. We could see the fulfillment of many personal Prophecies.  I could also see the fulfilling of some Global Prophecies I had received in days gone by as I looked at the earth about me groaning and travailing for mature sons and daughters of God who had received a purified heart. I was greatly aware that Prophecies take time to unfold... but they come to fruition in due season. We rejoiced together in all HE has done, is doing and will do.

Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages and inspired prayers are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind.

Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy and Prophetic Prayers do not always come into being in its fullness immediately; nor in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate.... may we have ears to hear and eyes to see as it does...

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