The passion to minister to dad first and foremost... consumes us... leading us ever forward into our calling.  Ministering to others... flows through having discovered and thus  become one with dad's heart during our times together.  One who is  called to minister to others, having been prepared during their times alone with dad ... ministers with a previously received outflow of dad's love... wisdom... knowledge... words... revealed will...  peace...  joy... power, without striving to make it happen in and through the circumstance they find themselves. They are able to go with the flow of His Holy Spirit alive within,  with peace and joy ... love  ...  wisdom, no matter what it might look like according to their limited understanding... or they might have previously thought to be to the contrary, (this does not mean the work is not hard... and rewarding... just not something which has to be conjured or forced) The more they thought they knew... the more the come to recognize... they did not... do not know.  One with a mind completely open to HIS truth, enabled to die to a limited ego centered understanding through the Cross of Christ  .... one with  a teachable spirit, one with His gifts of potential, which are being developed according to dad's plan and time table.... has become who they find themselves Being.... or Becoming. 

They discover their passion to minister to dad was not received through a desire to have a 'ministry' which is ego centered, needing validation ... but through a passion to love and Be with dad and His family... those in need ... encouraging  all Be... and to glorify dad through Who He created them to Be as His child ... whether they personally are recognized or accepted by man or not.  To love dad with all their hearts and souls... is where their satisfaction begins... and ends... all else is a double portion anointing. They give of themselves... without expecting recognition and encourage other to do so as well.  When one is called ... one knows deep within, and the Spirit of the Lord graciously confirms it in our everyday life, by enabling them to Be 'who' it is they were designed to Be... having imparted an aspect of HIS nature through their union and having trained them as they have walked with an intimate awareness of dad and His will, as dad reveals it, during the maturation process... as they have grown to love dad and His desires first and foremost.

May i  continue by offering ... One who has the heart of a Pastor... finds themselves shepherding people in their every day walk... because it is their nature to do so.  They can't not shepherd people!  As they reach out to those life's circumstances brings across their path, with a shepherd's heart... they discover the Spirit of our dad has been leading and  meeting the needs ... and without having to 'make' it happen,  they discover they have a flock they have become responsible for.... (flocks vary in size according to dad's plan and potential in them. The size of the flock does not matter... it is who they are being as a shepherd that does.)  May i suggest... our first flock is our immediate family? When we have become faithful with them according to dad's plan ... other's see and seek dad in us... within themselves, out.  The one with a Pastors' heart,  becomes aware... dad has sent these sheep to them to serve, to meet their needs however He chooses, as HE is or has trained them Be as a Shepherd giving them HIS heart.  They find... dad has increased the size of their flock... according to their divinely given ability and choice to be faithful to His desires birthed within... and  according to their developed talents as they have leaned on dad's Spirit within, recognizing their limitations outside of dad's will and empowerment.  

Before continuing with the heart of a Evangelist ect ...... may i add: Having been a literal Shepherdess of a several increasingly larger flocks,  during one season of my spiritual journey of faith .. by way of training... and thus been enabled to know Jesus as a Shepherd in a way... light, i might not have had otherwise... ... i have become aware experientially... a Shepherd tends the needs of their flock full time ... whether it be through providing shelter... food...  water...  rest and rescue; leading them to fresh pasture, and watching over them to make sure they don't eat too much new pasture when the fresh grasses of spring arrives ... and thus die of bloat because the food is too rich for their unprepared system; healing and delivering them of injuries and infestations (such as parasites or contagious disease); helping them to carry and ultimately deliver their young as a midwife and to care for their young when they are unable or unwilling to do so, ( training up... or receiving help from others... when the Shepherd themselves are too busy or need to work elsewhere so the sheep ultimately have all they need);  cleaning up their messes and providing fresh bedding;  repairing their shelter when it comes into disrepair; preparing, and leading  each sheep towards their purpose, (some are to bring forth more young or to be surrogate mothers, some are to become meat or provide milk, some are created to provide wool... coverings, income ) ....  When the time has arrived... the hardest part of being a Shepherd for me was when we had to cull the sheep  ...  Earnings which come through the care of a large flock once they are mature ... enables the Shepherd to continue to tend... serve the flock, without having the added burden of working elsewhere. 

To continue ... the same  is true regarding the heart of an Evangelist as well ... their heart is one which evangelizes... not necessarily in a traditional sense of the word ... which can limit them in their thinking and ultimate potential.  When they meet someone in their everyday walk of life ... who needs to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and Gods Kingdom within ... who needs to be set free from  sin and death...  darkness... all which binds and blinds them, so they may be translated into God's Kingdom of light...  they find themselves giving automatically.  They don't have to wait for an invitation to speak before a group... it is simply who they are 24 -7, no matter where they find themselves.  They can't not evangelize!

One who is called as a teacher... teaches.  It is their gift...  their way of Being.  They live it out through all they do... they may find themselves teaching not simply before a group... but in their day to day life... on practical matters as well... by example, and with examples... as well as with words.... again, it is their nature to do so.... they can't not teach!  People come to them during their every day walk ... and ask questions... and they find themselves giving that which they have sought out previously from dad ... or what has been revealed through His  grace in their day to day living.  A teacher loves to learn and to be able to give that which they have learned, so others may grow to their full potential as well. A teacher has a open mind... and a teachable spirit.. and is used to impart such to others.

One who is called as a Prophet... hears from dad and gives that which they hear, because who they have become is one who has ears to hear through their union with the Spirit of the Lord.... through their intimate relationship with dad.... through their intimate union with Jesus... as their bridegroom.  They seek to speak that which dad gives them and not from the abundance of their heart or limited understanding.  Again... this gift is not limited by 'traditional' circumstances, limiting  their potential ... it is there whenever and wherever dad gives them a word of wisdom... knowledge... a message another needs to hear through the Holy Spirit...  24-7 and it does not necessarily have to be cloaked with 'thus says the Lord', or clouded with or shadowed by religious lingo.  When a person is given  ears to hear... they know what is being said is coming from God's Spirit... it will encourage and confirm... and ultimately reveal the Spirit of Christ.... our father.... and the Holy Spirit within.  Whether what is given is received or not... the Prophet knows it will come into being, and a Prophet is able to release it with an awareness and trust that dad's will has been spoken.  They are able to walk away... without their ego being tied up in the outcome.

An Apostle... a messenger sent from God for HIS divine purposes ... is one who is aware their heart and lives has become one with dad's through their ever increasing roles as a child of God... the bride of Christ, a Pastor... an Evangelist... a Teacher... a Prophet... (without being limited by traditional thinking), whenever or wherever, however it is needed at the moment.  They discover... as they mature... the Holy Spirit moves through them however and wherever dad desires.  They are at peace... at rest within, aware dad is in control... not themselves and dad's ultimate purposes for them and others is coming into being, according to dad's eternal divine plan for man.  They become aware... through their union with dad's heart... through their passion... to love HIM first...  to seek HIS Kingdom and HIS righteousness first... they have become who they are by HIS leading and HIS indwelling Holy Spirit... through HIS divine eternal plan for man.  They are aware they have become one who is able to identify and thus birth the callings... the Spirit of Christ, in another.  They discover... the Holy Spirit within ministers through them...  enabling them to carry dad's will, through having conceived it during their intimate times of union .. and then they discover they have been used to help birth ... or help develop...  or nurture another....  resting in dad's purposes... for themselves or another, thus they are delighted through HIS joy... to discover through their union together ... through their role as the bride of Christ ... they are  birthing ... growing churches empowered by dad ... just not .... according to a previously limiting interpretation of the words 'church' or 'ministry'.'  

Dad... bless You for that which YOU have imparted... will impart... and are imparting!    Thank You for eyes to see... ears to hear... the mind and Spirit of Christ to receive and understand... may You ever be glorified in and through Your son... and your Own.