While pondering over what I believe is revealed to me through my spiritual relationship with the Spirit of the Lord...  confirmed through others with the mind of Christ, I asked Father to write through me... for clarity, not just for myself but for those of His choosing.  The following thought process took place.... I am led to offer the words I received.  In my life... this is simply another form of prayer... communion. It is one of the ways I am matured and released Spiritually as I wait upon the anointing of the Spirit of the Lord. 


'Yes... as One I send in My Name ... I revealed to your inner most Being the Gospel, the life of Jesus Christ is incomplete without His resurrection as your life ... without an awareness of My resurrection power activated in and through My creation.... releasing My Kingdom on earth as it already exists as the Spirit of truth and righteousness … goodness … excellence established at the foundation of the world.


As spoken and made evident to many … you are overflowing with healing power and faith in the opened mysteries of My truths. You are rightly discerning I Am evolving you through all manner of subtle intensities of consciousness, personifying Our union as your reality ….  My revealed truth…  harvested from My planting of the Seed of My Word in your Souls.   


You correctly discern ...  it is I Am Who imparted within your Spirit, through Our union, the Spirit of Jesus Christ was resurrected and returned in a glorified body.... in an earthen vessel.... to a remnant of My choosing .... manifesting the truth of eternal life, the truth of the embodiment of Our union through unconditional love ....  of My never leaving or forsaking…  of My Being... of My desire to Be with... to awaken the Spirit of My life essence ... love … within, through each of My children in all your ways in spirit and truth… making known Christ is all and in all. 


Yes, I reveal to you it is I Who created the concept of good and evil.... life and death ...  All necessary for you to choose an eternity of love, holiness and a righteous life with My fullness as a co-creator .....  All necessary for you to come into perfection as the One you were conceived of Being. You honor Me with your love as you surrender to My love... My  will... My wisdom.. My thoughts... My ways... My Being... My workings within your heart, My Divinity within and through you ... facing fears, enduring the trials of life with ever increasing faith ... Through such you entered My rest and abide ... in an inner knowing that you know, that you know   ....  You experience the limitations of weakness and the power of My strength to carry you and keep you… another.  You understand It is I Who brought you to this state of Being having drawn you with revelation knowledge, expanding your consciousness through the unfolding of My eternal plan of goodness … releasing My power, infusing understanding, and revelation knowledge.


Mature love desires, thinks and does what is best for all ....  you offer the intimacy of such as evidence of Our union and My favor.  Through the meeting of Our mind, reconciliation, you trust My love. You trust My wisdom. You trust My will. You trust Who I reveal MySelf to Be... within and among you.  Because I ask, You let go of Your concept of Me, of yourself, of another, of My words, of all that is. You let go of your life that you might receive the life I conceived you for. You surrender all I ask ... you receive and impart that which I offer through My resurrection power .... not simply for your well being but for the benefit of all; that I may be known and experienced as a spiritual reality… sustaining the teachings of My Son through  Our union, that Christ may be revealed as all and in all.  Through such a union We share great love and joy. Through such a union I intervene in times of great need … I send you with faith, hope and love. Through such a union you put off childish ways, childish thinking. Through such a union you mature… you see clearly through My eyes of eternity.  Through such a union knowing comes. Through such a union encouragement, miracles, opportunities, choices are offered as evidence of My existence and interaction.  I created you to Be such a life giving Spirit of grace ... one likened unto the Son of My begetting ... a vessel conceived to carry My glory… to understand… to reveal My Spirit… to be a worthy Bride and lover.


Through My quickened Spirit you discern openly My resurrection power changes earthly vessels to possess ... keep ....  My glorified body... to maintain an awareness of My will... My potential… My manifest Presence…  My Spirit alive within those who choose to receive… to wake up… to loose their life that they may find it… through My resurrection power. You were shown in your Spirit such is for your now ... and asked to receive affirmation. Without their awareness of your hearts cry and My words to you,  I sent another to you, having given them a vision of you in a glorified body, by way of acknowledgement of the simplicity of  My  present truth.  You were conceived to trust Me… to trust in My promises, to trust My revelations knowledge, to trust Whom I reveal MySelf, My truths to be, Who I reveal You to Be… in time and eternity. 


Yes, My resurrection power lives through you as an eternal spiritual being.... as all I desire to Be through you.... for you, as the you I created you to Be to reveal My glory... My Divine essence in an earthen vessel, as a holy, righteous, loving, mature daughter of mine. One made ready for her bridegroom.  I revealed to Jesus Who He was as My only begotten son... through His resurrected Spirit, I disclosed to you who you are as My daughter… as My inheritance… as His consecrated bride. One conceived in love... though love... as My love sent. One who walks in My favor ... for Kingdom sake.


Yes, I gave you the understanding... at the foundations of the world I breathed My eternal Spirit into My creation.... as a seed of life planted… waiting to arise from the depths.  I awaken ... I Am in all of My creation, nothing exists without Me... all exists through Me... all exists for Me... as Me.... Christ all and in all, redeemed at the foundation of the world through My eternal plan ... I Am making known wherever, whatever, whoever you choose to Be... I Am.... always within … I send you to Be who I created you to Be….  a Light reflecting the light of the world….  reflecting the Light of My resurrected Son.  Like Jesus… you are sent in the fullness of time and eternity to express My essence according to My unfolding.  You will do greater  works than He… for I promise such. I promise it for those who seek My hearts desire and for those yet in need of hope…  that they too may hear, see and know…  My love… My truth … My will for them… and run to My living Word embracing it as their own…. Our own.


Remember the words I made alive within you when I called you to Be a listening heart… at one with My heartbeat, ‘My heart speaks of My very life, My life speaks of My Essence, My Essence speaks of My Being, My Being speaks of My creation, and My creation is good before Me’.  It is time for  My creation to awaken, to Be ….  to discover afresh and receive anew… My goodness, My fullness, My light, My Spirit, to receive wholeness, to see as I see…. to see through My eternal eyes…  to hear My Words… to enter My eternal rest, with an awareness there is only now in eternity and it is in eternity that you know and are known with, through, as love. 


The Spirit of Love is eternal…. Love envelops All.


Yes, you rightfully discern through revelation knowledge My Spirit is made known through earthen vessels ... through you …  My Spirit embodies those anointed to communicate my eternal Kingdom of Light and Righteousness.... My Kingdom of love in spirit and truth established at the foundations of the world.  Yes, the light and love of Christ consumes darkness ... it translates ... transitions ... transforms ... transcends ... restores …renews … resurrects… regenerates … restrains … releases …  sanctifies … serves … honors…  imparts … justifies … enlightens … endures … forgives …  consecrates …  conforms with eternal dynamic energy.... illuminates  My truth and righteous judgments... My mercy... My grace... My potential... My Divine mysteries.  It instills My favor and makes it known.


In Spirit and truth you embraced My gift of eternal life … That I Am …

My gift of unconditional love … You chose to love unconditionally in return.

Thank you for choosing to Be through My fullness without reservation.  

Thank you for loving Me through what was… is.... is to come in your eternal now…

for Being a surrendered vessel of faith offering hope and love…

One choosing My servant’s heart...

A vessel willing to possess and be possessed by…

through a cloak of humility...

embodying My Spirit in truth and holiness…

at rest in My unfolding.'