During 1989 the Spirit of the Lord put it in my heart that HE would be putting pressure on the Global Economy in days to come, to expose much corruption rooted in the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes and pride of life. Eventually this would culminate in the greatest move of HIS Spirit since Pentecost, a Spiritual Renaissance.

In the meantime, by way of preparation/training HE was going to set some OF His Son, aside for a season of total consecration/sanctification/surrender and harnessing of the Lord (as spiritual Pioneers). In the future HE would bring them out and set them up (globally) as spiritual Cities of Refuge. They would be so ONE with HIS Spirit, having gone through much fire/death/and spiritual resurrection through their spiritual union with Christ, He being made evident to them during that season, that Christ within them would be manifest; for the earth groans and travails for the mature Sons and Daughters of the Most High to come forth ... and THIS is part of HIS unfolding plan to bring it about.


As Spiritual Cities of Refuge Father would equip them, each for unique purposes, as His Holy Spirit serves through them with signs and wonders, man to date had not yet conceptualized nor experienced. Father would do this... no man would receive the Glory.


Those going through the fire/total trust and surrender, at a later date (at their appointed season) ... to burn off the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes, and pride of life would be drawn to them, as part of HIS plan, not to follow/idolize them but to receive of HIM, that which HE deems. Those called as a spiritual City of Refuge would minister to the WHOLE man, with compassion, with humility and with testimonies of HIS workings in their life when they went through their season of becoming one with the all consuming fire of God.


Father will provide for the WHOLE man through them in unexpected ways, as they, as living witnesses, 'find themselves' encouraging, edifying, teaching and building up those placed in their loving care via the sovereignty/anointing of our Father through 'suddenlies', His appointed time/way. ALL will know HE did this, HIS glory will be experienced and both will rejoice in the knowing HE imparts in the moment.


Having become New Creations in and OF Christ, the face of the spiritual 'church' will change... for such ones, who heard the call to come away and abide/enter into HIS Rest and surrendered their all, would be conformed into HIS Image and Likeness and like their Elder Brother, Jesus the Christ, they would be empowered to reveal the will/words/heart of our Father ... "The words I speak are the words of the Father, the deeds I do are the Father doing them through me, when you see me you see the Father." ... an manifested answer to Jesus' prayer for us as recorded in John 17. Though HIS unfolding plan they will 'find' themselves walking this out and ALL will be very aware HE did that... they had nothing to do with it. There will be no desire to follow after another man, for to do so would cause them to miss the blessings, having put their focus on a man rather than our Father.


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