As I observe the love of our infinite creator within us ... being poured out for those who have been affected by natural disasters and other turmoil around the world... my heart rejoices. At the beginning of this new season for us as the family of God please consider joining me

as One voice

with love and mercy for those in crisis... world wide.... and for those of us who have been created to be a part of His harvest of love....

May we ever come to You Abba Father ... as our heavenly Dad... for Your seeds of love and....

Let the seeds of love which have been sown within our heart... through Your constant love towards us ... Be harvested... and sown ever more... through You who created love and are alive within and in our mists.

Let Your order Be made manifest ... in what once was chaos... as Your Spirit of love has It's way.

May the love we harvest... through an awareness of You the Gardener of our spirit... our husbandman... the father of light and our Spirits ... the lover of our Soul ... be imparted to those You love through us.... ultimately returning love to You... our eternal companion ... blessing all with eternal joy, inner peace and an ever increasing love.


This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Free On-Line Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.

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