Thank You Father... for You are  Almighty... and You have raised up those with a heart like Elijah,  Who are beseeching You to turn back the hearts of the people to Yourself... as Your Spirit within Your Own... prepares the way for Your Presence, according to Your eternal plan for each of Our lives.  May You Be blessed by the double portion anointing You have imparted to bring about repentance and a new life with/in You. Thank You for those of Us You have birthed.... Who have a heart like David...  a heart after Your heart.... Who will not seek to set themselves up as Kings... but recognize it is You Who raises up and sets into place Kings and Priests... as a foreshadow of Jesus Who was to come from You and return to You.  May it bless You, that those with such a heart will yield to You as Our Father.... and will surrender to Your plan as it unfolds according to Your will and understanding  and timing and not Our Own. Thank You there are those of Us Who walk like Joseph...  and Paul.. and John...  having spent much time confined/consecrated alone with You.... in a place which You ordained, preparing Us for that which was and is to come.... Who now find themselves hid in Christ through the work You have begun and promised You would bring to fruition.

Thank You... that You have sent the fire... and Your messengers have become flames of fire... and Your Own recognize You in the fire with them... burning the dead wood, hay and stubble.... through the purification process You have specifically ordained for each of Our lives.  May You Be blessed in the knowing that deep within Us... there is no longer fear... but a sweet knowing that You are in control... and all will and is working out for the good for all concerned... no matter how it might look otherwise.  Bless You for giving us peace... in knowing... we don't have to understand... We only need to believe and trust You.

Praise You that We... Your sons and daughters... through Christ Jesus the first born from the dead... are recognizing Who We are and have been and We are becoming of One Mind... as we share the Mind of Christ... through Your life and love... which compels Us.... and keeps Us.  May You Be blessed and honored through and by Your Own continually.

Thank You for Your truth... which brings with it... the faith.... peace... love... joy... humility.... wisdom... harmony.... and abundant life, You are imparting into each of Our lives.  Thank You that We can enter into Your rest.... Your completed work... and abide there... trusting in Who You are... and are yet to Be in Us and through each of Our lives.... as You unfold Your eternal plan for the sake of all of Your creation.

May You Be blessed without measure. May You ever Be blessed through Your Own...  that We may walk dead to who We were... alive to Who We are in Christ Jesus... Our having chosen Your will above Our Own. 

Bless You for loving Us.... even when We were unaware We are lovable and created to walk with You in and through love.  Thank You for awakening love within us for You in return...  I love You... and I join the love You have given me with those Who return Your love as well.  May You abide in Our love for You... and may it ever bring You joy and contentment...  and blessings, as it increases for all of eternity.    


This Prayer and Meditation is a Chapter in the Free On-Line Spiritual Reality Book: A Journey in Time ~ Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers.  It is available as a Free On Line Download and in days to come will be available for sale in a Book Format, for those who prefer such.

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