~ In August 2002, as is my way of being,  I asked to hear the voice of God...  the following words came forth, during our visit.  I offer it in faith, believing... this is indeed His voice, with a encouraging message to HIS Own ~

Catch up! That which was taken… take back… as one body… whole and complete in one another…. redeemed through Christ Jesus… the first born from the dead… My son. My Spirit of truth and love, alive as manifested through Him, was sent... calling you to join Him as a part of a loving family…. receive… and live… now! 

Live in a mode of receiving from My Holy Spirit within continually… moment to moment… walking with the voice of God as your companion…..  Aware of My Presence in your life intervening… having looked around you… assessing the damage… the danger and…  remembering that which is promised through love… aware of Me as Your Father... and My Presence within and in your midst through the indwelling of My Holy Spirit empowering... bringing restoration to that which was once lost to you and yours. Let your eyes be open…

Listen for My voice moment to moment…. You know it, deep within your soul…. You recognize it in another. I speak words of love and truth…. through My Spirit awakened within you... Trust Me…. Trust the words and works of My son. Let your ears be open.

Come to My son…. as your first true love…. choosing to love in return… having done so... follow ME with your whole heart and you will remain in My Presence with peace, as we walk in unity. Let Our hearts be One through love.

I AM the lover of each of your souls… let your hearts love one another…. In doing so… you are loving Me.... in loving Me you are loving My son, your elder brother... Lord Jesus, The Christ... My chosen vessel.

Genesis 17:1 When Abram was ninety and nine years of age, the Lord His God appeared to Abram, and said to him, 'I AM… The Almighty One… Walk before Me… and Be… perfect. Be wholehearted… for… I will make My covenant between Me and you and I will multiply you exceedingly.'

You are each a spiritual descendant of Abram… a son of Adam….  a son of God… through Jesus... the promised Hebrew Messiah....  you were created to be eternal spiritual beings… new creations, who live forever, aware of ME and My will…. and all I offer. Chosen vessels... embracing My love and giving it in return.

I AM has revealed Himself to you…. 

You are aware of Me… and I of you… we have nothing to hide.

We are one in our thoughts through the life of the One who overcame death… and all which was meant for evil in your life, revealing My will which was coming on earth as it already exists within Me.  Receive the mind of Christ Jesus… letting go of false beliefs, which would rule your thinking and your attitudes. Come… know ME…. have the spirit of your mind renewed.

I restored the life of My Son… bringing Him into My Presence… I send His Holy Spirit to gather My Own to Me… revealing My truth... My unconditional love.... to those who would have an abundant life through Jesus… that you could choose to come into My Presence through love.... having been made whole. 

You were once dead… now you live… eternally, for I have awakened My eternal Spirit of love within each of you… I speak to your heart continually. Listen… that we might walk together in unity. Let Us be one… as I AM One with My Son…. and you are One in Us.

Through the eyes of eternity... I see you as whole… complete... it is finished. You are redeemed!  I remember your past no longer.  Let it go…. that it would not hold you to that which would keep you bound…. and rob you of a new life with Me.... empowered and motivated by My love.

I AM leading you… transforming you... through each present moment you find yourself offering to ME. Do not fight Me.  Do not fear My will... My plans for you are good and not evil.  I had plans for you before you were conceived.  Let yourself yield… and Become who I created you to Be….

Receive that which I offer freely…. Let no fear or lies hinder you for I have spoken life into your soul. You will find it rewarding to do so.

I Am directing your footsteps… simply follow, trusting in My loving care, even when you do not understand, for you must loose your life to find it. Let faith thrive.

MY Kingdom is coming on earth… as it already exists… not according to your limited understanding and concepts, or vain imaginings, but according to My will, My eternal plan. You are each continually evolving spiritually to become who I created you to Be... MY having given you a new life within which recognizes My Presence in all of life, bringing My will to pass, that all might work out for good, through love.... My having deemed it so at the foundations of the world. 

See ME at work behind the scenes…. and among each of you. Look for Me in the details, I AM always with you.... My life/light shines forth dispelling any darkness. Discern my Presence and My will and do your part.... receive love and love in return.... as you walk by faith and not by sight. Trust Me as I touch you with tenderness... saturated with My joy, restoring your soul through My continual Presence. Let My joy abound.

You are aware of the changes deep within… you have not been your old self since the first moment I revealed Myself… and my love to you…. causing a deep peace to wash over your soul as your desires became one with mine. You are experiencing someone new, who wrestles with old thoughts, old ways.... and sometimes you or others do not understand. You are learning to accept and love with My unconditional love…. in your present moments, without fear or condemnation... having seen mans corrupt nature and redeemed spirit through My eternal eyes. Let My peace remain, releasing yourself and others from moments of the past which endeavor to try you soul…. through grace… keeping your eyes on that which is promised each of you in exchange… with humility and openness, as you speak forth my words, having yielded to My Spirit of love and truth within.

You have already become a new creation in Christ… believe this truth… receive all of who you were and are…. and are to be… with humility… letting yourself Be transformed, from moment to moment... by My Spirit within. I convict you by My Spirit… revealing MY truth as well as that which use to be your own. Let My truth be revealed and reign that all might see and become One through My unconditional love.

I have always loved each of you… even when you could only hope this is possible. I always love each of those I call My Own… those who call Me Father... the many breasted one... those who honor Me as Creator... the lover and restorer of your soul... Let Me love through you with grace.

I desire to love through each of you... to speak words of comfort and joy... I desire to overcome that which would hinder you and your spiritual growth....  continually…. as only I know how… in each present moment you find yourself yielding to Me.  Let My love and power increase and transform.... I offer it freely; it is yours to receive whenever you choose to grasp it.

Receive all of My love with truth… catch the empowerment you need as you meditate with you mind focused on Me... on our union... that I might BE through you in Our unity… for I AM The Spirit of truth and love and life… and You are My Offspring.

Become whom I CREATED YOU TO BE… walk in My truth before Me as you follow My voice with your whole heart, believing in that which I revealed to your restored soul…. having sent My son as your example… and your Messiah.

Come… Enter into My Rest… rejoicing with an everlasting joy!