A Journey in Time ~ Praying with my Fingertips 

Introduction to Holy Spirit Inspired Prayers which come from a heart which is daily touched and transformed by the Spirit of the living God giving witness to the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of the Covenants of a Sovereign God.

Through the Holy and Righteous, Sanctifying resurrected Spirit of Jesus the Christ being the initiator and perfector of my faith, the Spiritual reality which has followed has given me a consecrated, living relationship with Jesus Christ ... with encounters which impart revelation and experiential knowledge of Creator God as the Source of all that is ... as our loving Spiritual Father, Who chastens those He loves, through the power of the Holy Spirit within and among us, teaching us and leading us into all truth, Holiness and Right ways of Being, As He establishes His Kingdom on earth as it already is in Heaven, from generation to generation, our Father equips us and seeks to raise us in the way we are to go so blessings of peace with the joy of love can freely flow. The Fiery trials and tribulations which take place through our maturing process is for the perfecting of love and the fruits of the Spirit within and in our lives.  Thus we can become peacemakers and ministers of reconciliation giving witness to the love and truth we have received; experienced as our spiritual reality. Through conviction and the gift of faith which comes with repentance and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit within, I like others I have met since, surrendered my will as a Child of Creator God, acknowledging Him as my/our loving, wise eternal Father who sent Jesus as our brother to Manifest His will and power among men.

As I have grown spiritually after receiving a new heart through an eternal awakening in the realm of the spirit, in time ... there has been much joy as well as fiery trials and tribulations. Many changes have taken place within and hopefully among those I love, through the restoration and regeneration of my soul, all for the best ... revealing there is/can be Divine Order in the midst of what sometimes appears to be Chaos to our Finite Mind... imparting understanding through the Mind of Christ and His Living Words experienced as truth.

The words within this volume of 'A Journey In Time' were birthed through such struggles and joys, I rejoice in the awareness theses struggles are intended as a gift which will work all out for the good, ultimately.  I rejoice with the Knowing the travail of my soul and spiritual senses... showed me the love, grace, joy, abiding truth and gift of faith which carries me through with a deep sense of love, inner rest and spiritual union, which surpasses all natural understanding. I sensed I am to pray with my fingertips, and share that which comes for His Kingdom Sake... through the power of the Indwelling Christ leading me, interceding through me as I yield in obedience to what I perceive to be the Anointing of Christ.

Thus before writing... I wait upon the Holy Spirit acknowledging the gift of prayer, for words of spiritual communion.  In obedience I surrender to what flows and offer the intimacy of it, with hopes it will be received with the respect and humility it is offered.  I have discovered praying through my fingertips helps me to see what is truthfully within my heart through my union with the Spirit of the Lord, as I daily enter into a deeper sense of eternal rest and come into greater depths of spiritual understanding, wisdom and intimacy. Learning as I do coming into greater faith and spiritual understanding as I receive that which follows by way of answer. I have grown through my Spiritual Journey of Faith as the Heart of God is expressed to me in various ways, especially during times of study before Him and spiritual meditation/prayer. For such I am grateful. Freely I have received, freely is my desire to give. May the words which follow touch Your heart and birth that which Father deems through love... according to His timing and the unfolding of His Eternal Plan in spirit and in truth.

Father... may these prayers reveal Your heart, Your Truth, all which You wish to make known with Your Anointing upon them as I step out in obedience and faith.  Thank You for the gift of prayer, for inspiring 'A Journey In Time'.  May we be touched in deep places by the power of Your Living Words to us... and rejoice together in Your blessing ... with Your love, joy and peace ruling our lives in Spirit and Truth. Bless You for opening spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear with clarity that which You desire.  Thank You, our gift of faith made alive through the birthing of our Spirits, is being increased and the simplicity of Your truth is being established within us and among us, manifesting Your will/Kingdom on earth as it is already in heaven, exponentially. As Your inheritance, may we Your Spiritual Family become all You intended us to be as peacemakers, lovers of You and Your Truth, lovers of all You love, glorifying You and the unfolding of Your eternal plan.  May Your heart sing with loving joy as You watch Your plan unfold according to what You deem to be best for all and may we rejoice with You in the Knowing Your Spirit imparts with grace.  Thank You for the the New Covenant, for the gift of life, eternal life and love, intimate relationships through private and united prayer and for one another ... during our journey of faith in time and in eternity, when as eternal Spiritual Beings Your promises becomes our reality as a manifestation of the fulfillment of the New Covenant in Christ.

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