In 1998, while going about my normal day... having been made aware of Father God's Presence always communing with me through our union... orchestrating our days... fulfilling that which He promised.... through the New Covenant He made with us... I was thanking Him as He revealed His mind and heart to me in the moment ... I was still in awe of just how very much HE is continuously manifesting His Spirit in each of us and our daily lives....  I was filled with even more love, joy, peace and faith than I lived in only a moment before.   Greatly desiring this gift for all mankind... for His sake as well as ours... I was given an awareness... an inner vision... of two hearts knit together as one through a mutual love ...  The love of a father for His children... the love of a lover and His bride.... love meant to increase for each other and for their spiritual offspring as well ... the Spirit of love... which originated through the Spirit of God Who is love... a love which was imparted and is returned 100 fold  .... as perfected.

The two hearts of love suddenly became a door through which people would walk ... and I was standing before it in what I now discerned to be a living vision.*As an observer, I was watching myself  experience this vision through my union with God and experiencing it at the same time.* I was drawn through the doors... at first I was aware I was alone... in the midst of a brilliant light... which I knew to be Father God's loving Presence... gradually I became aware there were others coming in too... aware He had drawn each of us.  We were delighted... and surprised... yet not surprised to see so very many who loved Almighty God with all their hearts gathering together for a divine purpose not yet completely revealed. We were all under a spiritual dome filled with light and His power of divine energy ...  HIS Holy Essence ... a universal dome not like any man has ever created or could... it appeared to be immeasurable once inside. Upon entering in... each person found themselves drawn on... as if by an unseen force to meet who they had been brought there to meet... hear or see... speak to... give to or receive from...  for a purpose the Spirit of God Himself had predetermined at the foundations of the world. I came to recognize this later, as His eternal plan unfolding... manifesting His sovereign will to His body through a spirit of unity and power. 


As I observed through His eyes of eternity... I could see every possible scenario taking place... for HE had gone before us and directed our steps and had ordained the moments we were experiencing. As the number of people grew I became aware of a repeated pattern of different people being divinely networked together... some were worshipping... or praying...  in pockets of small or larger groups, or alone... those who were alone eventually found themselves drawn to another and their hearts were instantly knit through His love and faith within... eventually forming another group.  Some people were gathered around a person speaking.... listening intently... some were speaking as a group all having something to add for the benefit of the whole.... no one person stood out among them.... all could recognize the Holy Spirit of Christ within the other.    Some were simply meeting for the first time and seeing  the Spirit of God's coincidences in their lives, as their hearts were knit and their faith increased... as an ever increasing awareness of HIS power and promises fulfilled, was manifested. These it seemed either had a need or a gift... and both recognized this is the person... or people God wanted to use to bring His vision... call ...  further His divine purpose for their lives or another's... into Being.  An understanding was given that One's call ... purpose would not be fulfilled without the other having divinely met them according to His eternal plan and timing.... and they each recognized they were each only a small piece of a divine eternal plan.... the plan of the spirit of the resurrected Christ living on through them and others of a like mind... with an awareness we are a manifestation of the body of Christ... living in HIS Kingdom on earth in our now, bringing His light into great darkness. No one man was elevated above another, usurping the role of God in another's lives or mind... all recognized the uniqueness of their role and the necessity of the role of another, through the Spirit of Christ within empowering them.  Some had abundance, talents, gifts they were offering ... aware freely they had received and freely they gave ... as God revealed the need they could... would fulfill.... or in some cases confirmed why they had brought what they were led to bring, as they stepped out in faith, with an awareness the Spirit of the Lord had gone before them making the way. Miracles abounded as Father made His Presence and will known...  filling needs, empowering all according to the unfolding of His eternal plan and necessary timing.  


I was acutely aware God's Spirit had done this... we were His people... His universal church... and this spiritual dome only represented what He was already doing all over the world, only many were unaware of the magnitude due to not yet having been given His eternal spiritual eyes to see through. I knew we would all become aware of Him in our daily lives more and more through the divine sovereign coincidences He would  manifest.  I saw the universal spiritual synchronicity He would continue to bring about.... to reveal His will and love to us in ways man as a whole has not known... experienced personally to such a miraculous degree before.  I knew we His people.... His family were one, through Jesus our brother... whether we recognized it or not... and the time would soon come when we would each see the power of His resurrected Spirit everywhere and in the lives of all of us... in all of life... He having redeemed all for our now ...  we recognizing His will being revealed in ways some had not previously recognized.... nor yet experienced... or had previously considered to be not 'of God'... having unconsciously judged through their natural understanding, limited thinking and cultural preconditioning... and not through the Spirit of Father's love and truth and universal consciousness. I recognized through the Spirit of Christ Father had overcome and eternally redeemed all for us and Himself... at the foundations of the world...  and He was exponentially bringing His will into Being according to His eternal plan and timing.... as I received His blessings ... recognizing further... my unity with Him and His Own... a work HE was revealing to me in my present eternal moment.... He having made me aware, as His offspring, I am an eternal Spiritual Being... one who is living in His Kingdom now... as His Kingdom is within... and in our midst now and is being established on the earth now ... I sensed this was an aspect of the promise He had given me earlier, that in my lifetime I would see the coming together of the body of Christ and the coming down of the walls of denominationalism which separated them.  This would take place through the power of HIS spirit of unity and love...  which would be made evident in due season... I understood this was a promise I was to receive by faith and was led to stand in faith for it's fulfillment according to HIS timing and unfolding of it. 


After receiving the above awareness in the form of a living vision... I found myself singing in the Spirit and instantly found myself standing in God's Presence at another place.   I was aware I was in an eternal sacred place and eternal moment... His great light and Essence was all around. It encompassed all... and I was not alone.  You were all with me... we were aware as one we are eternal spiritual Beings... and I sensed we were all gathered together worshipping the Spirit of the Lord in unison, aware of His completed work as one body... on the last day... so to speak. A day when all of God's creation knew and experienced Father's love and truth as their own, with a depth of spiritual understanding not known until then.  We all had the same spiritual understanding... we had the resurrected mind and life of Christ alive within opening us to that which was eternally ours... having been reconciled to God through the Covenant He made with us through Christ.  We were one... and everyone who ever existed knew truth through Jesus Christ... all knew and were experiencing the unconditional love of our Father... who created us for this eternal moment... and more...  joy... peace...  spiritual revelations... wisdom... understanding and a love inexpressible with words alone... filled our hearts and souls.  With Jesus... through Jesus... as overcomers we were blessing our Father with our love in return ... with our entire being filled with gratitude and hope fulfilled ... great joy and peace filled us ... words alone cannot express the whole of that which was transpiring.


Suddenly I saw my body... as if through an opening in a spiritual window... down on earth... standing arms lifted in praise... singing through His Holy Spirit of love and truth ... filled with love... truth.... wonder and more.  An awareness entered my mind... "Oh My God... I'm going to fall down under Your power... and there is no one to catch me." Suddenly I was back in my body.  At first I was angry at myself... for getting my eyes off of the Spirit of the Lord and onto myself... thinking this had caused the experience to end... the anger and disappointment left as I heard: "Do not deceive yourself, it was I Who did that, not you.  Always remember... I Am the creator and perfecter of each of your faith ... of your lives ... rest in My love, My unfolding plan and the faith I have given you, as you continue to follow after My spirit of love and truth... as you continue to commune with Me and I with you."