Since last week (early February 2005), I have received 3 realistic symbolic/prophetic dreams regarding the theme of a group of us living together within the same large building, as a close knit community,  with a healthy dependence (inter-dependence) upon one another and an awareness of it having been preordained and Father God having brought this about .... (Upon awakening, I was strongly impressed... something like this will indeed take place for many and relatively soon, due to the theme repeating itself and there will be  progressive events that will unfold like Dominoes, slowly at first, eventually spreading out and gaining speed.) 

Through those I have met... and read  or heard about... for many this came to pass after Hurricane Katrina ... which was both a fiery trial in their lives ... as well as a blessing, (some refuges came to our town here in central VA and many were led to take them in).  In these type of dreams... I seem to be a representative figure of a 'foreshadowed type' at time... although at other times, some of these type of dreams are for me alone, but since it is hard to know for sure... am being led to post certain ones just in case it is for the many and not just the few. 

The first dream began with my awareness the floor of our home was hot due to a fire under the foundation. I was not too concerned as I closed the doors on the cupboard I kept my favorite dishes in ... and I wondered if they would survive 'this' fire..... remembering a previous fiery trial*** and its positive outcome, from my past. An inner awareness all is temporary, kept me at peace within.

In the next scene ... I was outside... in the community, helping my husband set fire to an older large/tall house.  Although the house seemed to be in good shape still, there was nothing sinister about this act, I was aware this was a necessary action. Upon awakening I sensed the house had been a metaphor of the lifestyle of previous generations which had served their purpose, and their time had come to an end.  When I expressed my concern of the old oak trees which towered over and surrounded the house catching fire and spreading into the community... my husband, who upon awakening, seemed to represent Jesus, assured me the fire might singe the leaves of the oaks... but he had done this many times before, and knew how to keep the fire contained.  He urged me to simply trust him.  He assured me the growth on these oaks, who upon awakening, seemed to represent mature sons and daughters of God, contained new green leaves and the trees themselves were not in serious danger.  I received peace and continued to help. 

In the next scene the dream changed into my husband (in reality) and me living with others in some form of communal living.  We were a valued asset to this community, having been prepared for such a preordained season. 

In the first two dreams, (the details varied and most are left out) ... those of us who were living in this shared environment were offering all our resources and talents within a localized community we 'found' ourselves in. There was a large great room... which we all joyfully shared... serving one another... willingly combining what we had as one large family ... automatically taking care of community responsibilities for the well being of us all and peacefully growing/preparing food/eating together ... we all had private quarters within the same building as well.

I was observing, due to our past experiences in reality*** my husband (in reality) and I were able to be of a great service/assistance to those who were unprepared for such an event. I found myself in the role of a fearless... powerful peacemaker/healer with the power of words, to my surprise.  It was humbling to discover I was considered a practical valued member, with much understanding and wisdom .... Spiritual and natural.  The people gathered with us were from my past, present and people I had not known before this moment, (to include natural and spiritual family who went through some of our fiery trials with us, in reality back in 1989***).  It seemed to be not everyone there had been walking  in the spirit … (had an intimate relationship with God) before this moment.... some may not have ever done so... or were even aware of the possibility until then.  Survival through being a family like group, helping one another, with overwhelming gratitude and the need to understand further, was foremost in the minds of those who 'found themselves' gathered together in this new and abundant way. All were aware Father God has brought this into Being, through circumstances beyond our control, for a purpose we did not need to fully understand.

The dream of this morning...  began with my husband and I going to the home of one of our spiritual neighbors, (in reality) for what was the beginnings of what would eventually turn into a coming together of those who would be a part of communal living in yet another environment, upon awaking I was aware, this would become a world wide phenomena ... as Father God caused mankind to become interdependent in healthy ways, through what was ‘divine order is what appeared to man to be chaos’. Again... we too were seen of value... due to our varied talents... to include practical ways... like farming and having lived with others previously... to include running a Bed & Breakfast. (In reality a fulfillment of a vision from God... He brought into being as revealed).  I was aware of the previous moments only shortly before this, at our own home now nothing but crumbled debris. At this point I will be leaving out a lot of unnecessary dream details .....

In this third dream, my husband and I along side others, who also had been prepared for this in advance, eventually began to help many on a grander scale than in the previous dreams ...  for example, at one point in the dream... we were with others who were being lifted high up on a rising platform ...  below us was a huge arena... filled with people in chaos and confusion. I had a baby in my arms and was surrounded by a few small children who were with me ... and I was shouting to those below us asking if anyone knew who the parents of these children might be. They had become separated through some sort of heartbreaking event. These children did not seem to be related to one another...  I was comforting and assuring them, I would be there for them as long as needed. Most of those below us were as yet, not aware of the magnitude of what had/was taking place … could/would take place in their own lives. 

I soon became aware of world wide pandemonium and other groups which were/ would be forming ....  to eventually live together, dependent upon the kindnesses/talents of one another as well.  I was very much aware most of the people around me were oblivious to the worldwide pandemonium as yet.... as it was just starting.  

Near the end of the dream... I was attempting to relay this insight to a woman.    Others were with us... everyone was busy.  Before sharing with her about the  worldwide pandemonium, I shared with her the message of Jesus Christ, as it has been presented to me through the power of the Holy Spirit alive within.... and a vision God had given me (in reality). After listening, she responded, she was a Jew.. and she too had heard the same message through God's divine intervention in her own life as well.  We were both very grieved, that this message of truth had not been presented world wide... due to false teachings which were perverting the good news of His Kingdom being established on earth, replacing the Kingdom of Darkness which had been manifested in days gone by. 

As I spoke… I was very much aware it is the manifested love and goodness of Almighty God which leads to repentance... and understood, these gatherings/communities would offer great blessings to all in need, Father God having caused them ... in the unfolding of His working all out for the good in the end.  I understood, I had been given a foreknowledge Father God knew of the need for these communities .. and was orchestrating them... by way of intervention/provision/protection, for the benefit of the whole of man.*** as the earth groaned and travailed for the birthing of the manifestations of the  mature sons and daughters of the family of God.... who would walk in unity and unconditional love and truth... revealing God's purposes for having created us.  I understood the current events worldwide, were like birth pangs… as a new spiritual move of God overshadowed us like wings of protection, and fires of purification.  

At that point... I began telling this woman  the insights I had come to know about, regarding the  world wide pandemonium which was taking place.

Somehow I knew... so I told her others were unaware because they were not observant ... or keeping up on the true current events world wide, having been deceived by what it is to walk without the nature of God leading them from within.  As I spoke ... I looked into the sky as if I expected to see a sign in the sky ... by way of confirmation.  The sky was beautiful... and the atmosphere was clear. 

We were standing on the top floor of what appeared to be an unusually high... gargantuan solid stone building. The ceiling was a dome, and had open arches all around.... which enabled one to see far and wide.  I was looking through the arches in front of us when suddenly I realized directly above... there were what appeared to be dark clouds moving .... but because the arched ceiling was there, it blocked my view ... I then turn around to see if these expected clouds were coming in from another direction.  Again... the sky was clear at first.... until I recognized indeed the sky was dark directly overhead with what appeared to be dark clouds or something darkening the sky... as it moved overhead. 

To my amazement, suddenly, I became aware, the clouds were not storm clouds... something I might have expected  ... but were birds flocking together.   I had an awareness they had gathered because of what they instinctively knew was coming. I recognized what they were... when sparrows began rushing through the arches into the dome ceiling above us... I was aware other types of birds were flying all around the building on the outside, as they flew towards where we were ... I was not afraid... as I watched surprised and amazed ... it was then I woke up.  


Because the dream has come in 3 forms thus far ... I sense I am to post it with:

*** In 1989, I was given a series of visions of my future... and the world around me at that time and what God  HimSelf was going to be doing.  Much came about to confirm what I saw... and much has come into being already.... to include a future husband, who I was told would be prepared in much the same way as myself.  PART of what I saw... was tumultuous times ahead... which would effect the world wide economy... and cause people to have to work together... for the benefit of the whole.... as many corrupted Spiritual Kingdoms as we know them  ... began to fall ... to include the Kingdoms of 'Religion', 'Politics' , 'Economy' and 'War' ... exposing the corruption within the systems of man, which kept many bound  

I was also told the face of the 'church' as we knew it as the system of organized religion in 1989 ... would be changed forever as well.... and was told to come out of religion for a season of consecration, as I trusted in the Spirit of the Lord's working in my own life one on one, much like the Apostle Paul did before He was sent forth as a messenger of God. I understood I would be going through a dark night of my soul and spiritual senses, to be renewed, trained and empowered for that which was coming. I understood, many others were being called to come out... as pioneers... as inherited traditions of men were brought to an end, through a new wave of God's Spirit drawing the old waves out... bringing in a tidal wave of His Spirit... like man has never known to date.  I sensed tumultuous times coming like birth pangs ... which would be symbolic of the winds and rains... floodings and violent shakings of God's Spirit bringing to an end... much which causes darkness in the hearts of men. so His mature sons and daughters could be manifested... as HE established His Kingdom and Presence of earth, as it already exists within heaven.

I have not been surprised by what I see and hear happening among some who are in spiritual leadership within the institution of religion since then. God's vision for His church... Nor was I surprised by the event, having strongly sensed something like Sept 11th 2001 was on the horizon ... the January before. Thoughts on September 11th In 1989, I sensed there would be a ‘spiritual Tidal Wave’. which would take place beginning on the east Coast and the effects of it would travel around the globe, effecting the worlds economy…. exposing the corruption of world systems in a mighty way, especially here in America. A dream ... election of world leaders and the will of God  I  began sensing the literal Tsunami of December 26,2004 in August of that year. Upon having a dream on Thanksgiving of 2004, where I understood... what would transpire... would be the beginnings of a dramatic drawing  of people together and back to Father God through answered prayers of previous generations A Prophetic Dream... possibly for the Present ... 2005 and Beyond ... I sensed the gathering of a world wide community, as we helped one another through a tragic event, perhaps a Tsunami. Harvesting seeds of love during this new season for mankind I woke up each morning wondering what was truly about to take place with a strong sense, it would be soon. 

Now I find... a set of dreams with a reoccurring theme ... and wonder if at any moment I will hear of another tragic event, such as a weather related event,  a super volcano erupting .... or a large meteorite falling.... a natural event or something man related, causing peoples to have to live together as a inter dependent community in order to survive as a whole.  I have sensed... all of this, whatever form it may take is simply a foreshadow of a much needed spiritual Tsunami, spiritual awakening, which is coming to rectify that which needs spiritual cleansing and rebuilding ..... drawing mankind together with mutual love and concern ... as a family.... as we are released from the corruptions of this world and it's ways of thinking ... seeing the manifestations of the heart and mind of God in its stead.  

During these visions, I was given the understanding ... Father God was going to cause me and my husband to be... to go through a Joseph/Job type of experience by way of  fiery trials ... whereby we would loose our life as we knew it then... to be restored later... with a double portion anointing, as some have prophesied to us, by way of confirmation.  Father God asked me to let go of my old life with complete abandonment motivated by my love for HIM and my children for His Kingdom sake and His love for us all ... and to trust HIM completely ... and that when these times I was seeing in advance came into being ... many who had gone through similar trials, would have testimonies of hope to share, of His miracles and loving faithfulness... by way of comfort and encouragement ... alleviating fear for many.... bringing about spiritual understanding and hope in the goodness and love of God.  I understood... in preparation for that which was coming... Father God was going to literally... take my husband to be and myself and put us, on separate occasions... in the country... and teach us to live off the land.... developing skills within us.  After meeting, when we saw an old black and white movie called: Our Daily Bread, it confirmed some of this for us.  (The process of learning to live off the land in the country soon began and we ended up traveling and living with other families after becoming homeless, through no cause and effort of our own.  We were both aware, independent of one another, Father had allowed this, and we were to lean not to our own understanding, but to acknowledge Him in all our way, as we followed the path HE was setting before us as individuals).  I was given a strong impression ... in a sense... we, along side others, we would meet someday, were spiritual forerunners.  Before we ever met, I understood, my husband and my gifts and strengths and training would not be the same... but would compliment one another's... and would be necessary for that which was to come into being in the future, to include a business, which would prosper during hard economical times.  I understood, even so… we were to live a simple life and share from our abundance.   I understood we would be on parallel spiritual journeys before we meet and this journey would continue as HE knit our hearts, first spiritually, then intellectually, and finally emotionally, which would lead to marriage, (love and marriage came to pass 7 years later, the union of our hearts came into being, as we traveled and found ourselves sent to the same places). I was also given an awareness... on many levels, our relationship with one another... would reflect the relationship of Christ and His bride walking together... as well as our own intimate relationship with God.... as HE united us.... and knit our heart making us one with Him in a level of intimacy we had not yet conceptualized would be possible, much less something we'd ever be privileged to experience.  I understood... through loving my husband unconditionally... I would be loving Christ... within him.... bringing forth that which God ordained for us as one of His own.... by way of example.  I was also given the understanding... Christ within each one of us ... desires to love others into the Kingdom of God .... as the goodness of the Lord ever leads us to repentance and grace

I have come to understand, it is our heavenly fathers power of love... which releases us from darkness and pain … ultimately it heals, transforms and restores us … I have observed this power as it lives through many of us, through events beyond our control and within our control. After Hurricane Katrina

Please note:  I sensed while receiving them, these messages and inspired prayers are not just for myself, but can be for others, please read them with this in mind.

Please keep in mind as well, Prophecy and Prophetic Prayers do not always come into being in its fullness immediately; nor in the image we imagine.  It is given in a symbolic spiritual language which must be spiritually discerned.  When it does come to pass, our spirit will give witness to it's unfolding, gradual or immediate.... may we have ears to hear and eyes to see as it does...

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