Preface    Life Happens To Us    Preface 

My and my husband’s reality has revealed the Presence of God's Holy Spirit active from within and in our private lives...  through many different supernatural manifestations.... which have been acknowledged to be genuine spiritual encounters similar to the ones in the bible. Sent in The Name of The Lord We each have our own unique personal experiences... some are more profound than others... these events have affected who we will ultimately become eternally and how we perceive life as we live it our now.  I have consistently been encouraged to write about these extraordinary interventions, as they continue to this day. Believing God’s Spirit has urged me to do so through so very many... and this is His current desire for my life... I have chosen to share some of them on this website... along side divine messages and inspired writings I am given as well.

Having surrendered to Father God’s will for my life, I have been made aware, our experiences are unique.  God's Spirit consistently impresses upon me to speak of them for all who are searching for Him and His truth and who care to listen... or read of them in: Where the Road Leads... A Spiritual Journey of Faith and the Heart of God. Come and hear... all of you that honor God... and I will declare what He has done for my soul. (Psalm 66:16) In the beginning... Love Manifested (my first vision) This will be a work in progress as I edit some of my journals and listen to the Spirit of God for HIS intentions... May His anointing flow through me and His purposes come into Being according to the unfolding of His eternal plan for each of us.

Since 1978, God's Holy Spirit has brought me into Father’s Presence... revealing and imparting His unconditional love for each of us. Some of these visitations have been in the form of numerous visions (as to whether I was in the body or out of the body I am not sure), which have happened to me... without fear, and without warning; communicating to me spiritual revelations and deep understanding, and wisdom... leaving me with a deep sense of inner peace, joy and transformative love.  His Spirit has transported me in time into a specific eternal moment on several occasions, for my own spiritual growth as well as for the benefit of others... imparting that which rules who I am... and am becoming. During these particular seventh heaven experiences, I have seen Jesus and Mary At Calvary with Jesus and Mary, and Adam and Eve I heard a soft voice  ... as well as the end of time as we know it ... we were all there. We were all there... basking in His love... returning it  Each of these divine manifestations have transformed my inner man.... bringing me to a greater place of understanding while imparting divine revelations and inner peace, as an aspect of my Soul and Spirit was restored to me.  

Over the years, God's Spirit has made us aware of Him as Our Father and the lover of Our Soul... offering His love, guidance and provision for Us in profound, yet simple ways... our having opened ourselves to receive that which He freely desires to give.  His Spirit within has taught me how to hear and recognize His voice in our day to day life, enabling me and others to trust Him and learn of the mysterious ways of His Spirit as He reaches out to us.... and continually reveals His truths through actions which have surprised us. He has taught me the ways and language of His Spirit. Along the way... I have met others having their own unique spiritual journey of faith.... because our journey is similar, yet unique, Father God has encouraged me through having met them.  I no longer wonder if I am insane. *smile

God's Spirit revealed His love to me on one occasion, through the presence of an angel and although it did not speak directly, its presence brought great peace, in a time of deep oppression in my life. An Angelic Encounter   Even though its essence was other worldly... I knew it was a guardian angel... it was sent in a form I would understand... imparting comfort and awareness as we touched. Despite the fact unfavorable circumstances challenged my faith, its presence encouraged me, enabling me to know God was always with me working things out for the good; as God's Spirit revealed to me why my life was unfolding as it was.

God's Essence... sent in the form of His Holy Spirit awakened within me... has given me deep impressions, sometimes in the form of pictures in what can be called our minds eye... or Our Spiritual Eye ... ‘seeing through the eyes of eternity’ … which has revealed His will and some of His unfolding eternal plan to me... which HE will bring, IS bringing to pass.   His Spirit has revealed to me, since the late 1970’s, an awakening of His Spiritual consciousness within mankind as a whole, like it has never been experienced before has begun. That which is taking place... manifests an ever increasing powerful awareness of God's Spirit of love and truth. He has given me the faith to wait for HIM to bring this into fullness with great joy. He has been true to His words... bringing much of it to pass already, as I have learned about His timing… His ways… His nature... and my own part in His divine eternal plan. As He is bringing it to pass... He has indeed taught us how very much He is in control working behind the scenes and has been doing so since the dawn of man.

I have known information, which there is no way I could know other than through divine revelation as His Spirit awakened within has taught me to draw upon His Spirit to reveal that which He desires for me or another to know in the circumstance we find ourselves. He has told me to take pen in hand, and write down messages and I have shared some of them with all who care to read them.... I Am Alive... Living in You...   a few of these messages are on this website, with more to come as I am released. Wisdom from above ... A Message to Mankind   

Throughout my life, He has healed me... Spirit, Soul and Body.  His Spirit has chosen to heal, speak to and encourage others through me innumerable times. This happens according to His revealed will, and not through my own determination. On one such occasion, He gave me the privilege of seeing a baby who was born dead, brought back to life, as I stood with others in faith for His will to be done .... He having made alive within me ... "Death shall not have this little one."  as we prayed for His will to be done, during a home birth. He gave me a short story commemorating this occasion, entitled, No Ordinary Miracle, which seemed to write itself.  I have been given additional short Short Stories... which have come forth with a life of their own... bringing to the surface knowledge I was unaware existed deep within.... some of them have been a foreshadow of that which was to come in my life. I have discovered... inspired writings are one of His many ways of speaking to my Soul.

On multiple occasions He has allowed the presence of those who have died, to visit me and others I know... without our having sought to hear from them... revealing to us experientially, there is life after this life and we will meet again.... encouraging me and others not to fear the moment of death or weep unnecessarily for those who have gone on, according to His eternal plan. Concerned that these experiences might not be according to His will ... His Holy Spirit reminded me... Jesus spoke with Moses... and Elijah setting precedence. A visitation from the Other Side  HE encouraged me to look at the fruit of the experiences... encouragement, comfort and inner peace... enabled us to continue... while increasing our faith in His promises... to include life after this life... fruit Jesus received as well, through His transfiguration experience. 

His Spirit within has given me His interpretations of dreams and inspired scriptures and many similar types of experiences, as He has opened the bible and the Spirit realm to me... for His eternal purposes alone.  In the early 70's He began speaking to me through dreams... which spoke to me of future events, and which I came to understand was one of His early ways of speaking to me, bringing me comfort, even before they came into being.

His Spirit has comforted me through multitudes of trials and much tribulation, making me aware, I will comfort with the comfort I have been given, and such is necessary for spiritual growth.  He has made me aware; I have not made this happen at will, it has happened to me, as I have sought to return and give the love He offers me, He having loved me to life.... being the source and perfecter of my faith and all I am... and am to become.

During 1988-89, in various ways...  He spoke to me of His plan for those who call themselves by His name beginning in the decade of the 90's... God's vision for His church...    upcoming world events at a later date, and my life in the immediate and far future... which would prepare me and others for arduous times which were coming... Thoughts on September 11th  giving us messages of hope... empowering us to comfort and offer spiritual revelations, during a season of spiritual, emotional, physical and financial urgency world wide.... After Hurricane Katrina hence, one of the reasons for this website